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Alex Goulder Wins the Inaugural Big Game at Dusk Till Dawn

Alex Goulder

The inaugural £50,000 Guaranteed Big Game took place at Nottingham’s Dusk Till Dawn poker room this weekend and everything points to it being a roaring success. One man who certainly thinks the Big Game should be a regular feature is Alex Goulder, the tournament’s champion and recipient of £15,000.

The Big Game is a brand new format created by Simon Trumper and his fellow managers at the DTD club. Players can either play a two-day tournament for £100 or buy in on Day 2 for £500. The minimum anyone wins in the Big Game is £500, making it an attractive prospect for amateurs and professionals alike.

Players turned out in droves and created a £53,500 prize pool, a great result considering the Big Game clashed with the GUKPT Blackpool Main Event.

With the difference between bursting the bubble and min-cashing worth £500, it was no surprise that it took a while for the 32nd place finisher to be decided – it actually took over two levels of play! The unfortunate bubble boy was Paul Jenkinson who pushed his {A-}{10-} into the dominating {A-}{K-} and couldn’t get there.

It took an additional two hours for the 31 in-the-money players to be reduced to the eight-handed final table. The final table was set when Full Tilt Poker Ambassador Sinem Melin got her stack into the middle against Jonathan Gill with {J-}{8-} versus {K-}{J-} on a jack-high flop. Melin caught an eight on the turn, but Gill spiked a king on the river to bust Melin.

DTD Big Game Final Table

1Richard Blacklock1,500,000
2Thomas Horton1,900,000
3Andrew Probyn900,000
4Alex Goulder2,600,000
5Raj Dhiri700,000
6Jonathan Gill1,600,000
7Nish Hindocha650,000
8David Lloyd770,000

Eighth place went to David Lloyd when he chose ace-jack to commit his last 380,000 chips with – blinds 25,000/50,000/5,000a. Lloyd was looked up by Raj Dhiri and his pocket eights. A king-high board was void of aces and jacks, busting Lloyd and boosting the stack of Dhiri.

The chips that Dhiri won were soon donated to Goulder when Dhiri got his stack into the middle with a pair of queens only for Goulder to show up with pocket aces. Golder flopped a set and then turned quads to see him hold over three million of the 10 million chips in play.

Thomas Horton was the next to bust, again at the hand of Goulder. It was somewhat of a cooler hand with the chips going into the middle when Horton’s {Q-Hearts}{J-Hearts} had made the second nut flush and Goulder’s {A-Hearts}{6-Hearts} the nuts.

The in-form Gill then won a flip with pocket sevens against the {A-}{10-} of Andrew Probyn to boost his own stack to 1,500,000 and leave Probyn heading to the cashier desk to pick up fifth place money.

Richard Blacklock’s exit in fourth place meant the remaining three players were guaranteed at least £5,500 for their troubles. Blacklock busted when his {Q-}{9-} couldn’t get there against the {7-}{7-} of Goulder for a 30 big blind pot.

Joining Blacklock on the rail was Gill. At slightly before 1:40 am on Monday morning, Gill raised to 175,000 at the 40,000/80,000/8,000a level. Nish Hindocha called from the small blind only to see Goulder squeeze to 800,000 in the big blind. Gill shipped in his 1.8 million and once Hindocha folded, Goulder called. Gill flipped over pocket nines to Goulder’s {J-}{10-} and when the board ran out {A-}{6-}{A-}{J-}{5-} it was game over for Gill.

The final hand of the unique tournament took place at 2:30 a.m and saw Goulder limp the button and Hindocha check. The {5-Hearts}{5-Diamonds}{K-Spades} flop went check, Goulder 100,000 and call. The {9-Hearts} flop saw both players check. The river was the {7-Hearts} and Hindocha checked again. Goulder bet 350,000 and then instantly called when Hindocha moved all in. Hindocha showed {5-Spades}{4-Hearts} for trip fives, but they were crushed by the {10-Hearts}{3-Hearts} of Goulder that had improved to a flush.

DTD Big Game Final Table Results

1stAlex Goulder£15,000
2ndNish Hindocha£9,000
3rdJonathan Gill£5,500
4thRichard Blacklock£3,500
5thAndrew Probyn£2,500
6thThomas Horton£2,000
7thRaj Dhiri£1,500
8thDavid Lloyd£1,000

Thanks to the Blonde Poker live updates team for the data used to create this article

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