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Daniel Marks Wins the DTD £300 Deepstack for £36,000

Daniel Marks

The Dusk Till Dawn (DTD) club in Nottingham played host to the £336 buy-in £150,000 guaranteed Deepstack even this weekend and what an event it was. A huge crowd of 568 players bought in over the three start days, creating a mammoth £170,400 prize pool in the process.

Sunday’s Day 2 saw 116 players return to the DTD felt, with 72 of them reaching the money places. Falling shy of some cash were Jon Kalmar (100th), Chris Sly (91st), Renee Xie (89th), Matthew Davenport (83rd), Brett Angell (82nd) and the bubble boy himself Robert Finlay (73rd).

Finlay’s exit meant the surviving 72 players locked up at last £600 in prize money and were only 71 players away from a massive score of £36,000. Crashing out in the money places were players such as “Mad Turk” Yucel Eminoglu (68th), Ross Patman (56th), GUKPT champion Albert Sapiano (47th), the winningest player in British poker history Sam Trickett (31st), Ben “F3nix35” Dobson (28th), Timothy Chung (15th) and Ceri Rees (11th).

The final table was set late on Sunday night thanks to a double elimination that saw Athir Ali (10th) and Karl Snow (9th) exit before they had the chance brag about reaching a final table. Snow moved all in with {A-}{Q-} from under the gun, Ali re-shoved from the small blind with a pair of nines and Daniel Marks woke up in the big blind with pocket kings! The kings held and the eight-handed final table set.

September DTD 300 Deepstack Final Table Seat Draw

1Daniel Marks6,400,000
2Tom Hall400,000
3Alfie Adams1,500,000
4Latif Patel200,000
5Andy Tuxworth2,475,000
6James Clarke1,450,000
7Vik Mehta1,350,000
8Stephen Ayres2,600,000

Tom Hall was the first casualty of the final after his {Q-Diamonds}{Q-Clubs} lost the hot-running Marks’ {J-Clubs}{J-Spades} when the board ran out {J-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}{7-Spades}{7-Diamonds}{2-Clubs}. Hall won £3,300 for his efforts.

Next to go was Alfie Adam who couldn’t beat ace-high. Vikrum Mehta opened to 185,000 then Adam three-bet all in for 355,000 in total. Latif Patel then cold-called the shove and Mehta called, too. The two active players then checked down the {3-Diamonds}{5-Spades}{7-Hearts}{2-Clubs}{2-Spades} flop, Patel showing {A-}{J-}, Mehta {A-}{8-} and Adam mucking.

Stephen Ayres’ tournament came to an abrupt end after losing a coinflip with James Clarke. Andy Tuxworth opened to 275,000 and Clarke three-bet to 1,300,000. Ayres, down to 750,000 chips, moved all in. Tuxworth folded the hands were revealed. Clarke flipped over {A-Hearts}{Q-Spades} and was trailing to the pocket sixes of Ayres. The sixes were only ahead for the briefest of moments as a queen landed on the flop. The remaining community cards failed to come to Ayres’ rescue and he became the sixth place finisher.

Clarke then sent Tuxworth to the rail in fifth place, but it was not one of tournament poker’s many coinflips, instead it was completely one sided. Clarke opened, Tuxworth three-bet all in and Clarke called, turning over pocket jacks as he did so. Those “fishhooks” were up against a pair of seven and were more than an 80% favourite to win. The gap in hand strength widened ever more when Clarke flopped a set and when the turn and river weren’t running sevens it was game over for Tuxworth.

Shortly after Tuxworth’s demise, a pair of jacks sent Patel to the rail. On this occasion, the jacks belonged to Marks while Patel held king-queen. The community cards were unkind to Patel and he exited in fourth place, a finish worth £9,000.

Three became two when Mehta’s queen-ten failed to get there against the dominating ace-queen in the hand of Clarke shortly before 2a.m. The chip lead exchanged hands on at least half-of-a-dozen occasions during the heads-up battle between marks and Clarke, but it was Marks who would ultimately take down this exciting event.

Clarke opened to 500,000 and then called when Marks put him all in. Marks was ahead with the {A-}{8-} versus {A-}{4-} of Clarke and he stayed ahead as the board ran {k-}{k-}{6-}{7-}{5-} to bust Clarke in second place and leave the tournament staff to announce Marks as the champion.

September DTD 300 Deepstack Final Table Results

1stDaniel Marks£36,000
2ndJames Clarke£21,000
3rdVikrum Mehta£14,000
4thLatif Patel£9,000
5thAndy Tuxworth£6,300
6thStephen Ayres£5,000
7thAlfie Adam£4,100
8thTom Hall£3,300
9thKarl Snow£2,700

Data and lead image courtesy of the Blonde Poker Live Reporting team.

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