David Tighe Won the 2013 GUKPT Walsall Main Event

David Tighe

The 2013 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) Walsall Main Event played out to a thrilling conclusion on Sunday and when the dust had settled it was David Tighe who emerged victorious.

When the final table started, all eyes were on Julian Thew and his attempts to win a fourth GUKPT title. However, those eyes had to find something else to look at early on because Thew was the eighth place finisher.

GUKPT Walsall Final Table Seat Draw

1Charles Ihle190,000
2Tim Slater987,500
3Mark Hester176,500
4Mr G527,000
5Gerard Harraghy287,500
6David Tighe543,500
7Charlie Denton365,500
8Julian Thew364,000

Tighe min-raised to 20,000, Charlie Denton three-bet to 50,000 in the cutoff and Thew flat-called on the button. Tighe folded meaning it was heads-up to the {J-}{7-}{3-} flop.

Denton made a continuation-bet of 75,000 and Thew called. The {5-} landed on the turn and Denton checked, Thew bet 100,000 and Denton snap-shoved. Thew called off his last 115,000 with pocket queens, but Denton held aces! The river was a seven, busting Thew and dashing any hopes of a fourth win for the time being.

Next to go was Mark Hester who moved all in for 12 big blinds with {A-Hearts}{6-Hearts} and found a caller in the shape of Tighe and his {Q-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds}. The final board ran out {8-}{9-}{7-}{j-}{8-} improving Tighe to two pair and leaving Hester to wonder what could have been.

A mere 15 minutes later and the final table lost another player. This time Charles Ihle opened to 22,000, a player referring to himself as “Mr G” flatted, only to see Gerard Harraghy move all in from the big blind for 230,000 more chips. Ihle folded but Mr G called, turning over {A-Clubs}{K-Clubs} as he did so. Harraghy was in bad shape with his {A-Hearts}{2-Hearts} and when the final board read {7-}{9-}{q-}{3-}{q-} it was game over for Harraghy.

Shortly after winning Harragy’s chips, Mr G busted in a massive pot that saw half of the chips in play pass to Tim Slater. Mr G saw Slater open to 22,000 and decided to three-bet to 57,0000. Slater called and then checked the {4-}{6-}{10-} flop. The turn was a nine, Slater led for 65,000, and Mr G moved all in for 750,000! Slater instantly called and showed a set of nines, way ahead of Mr G’s aces! The river was a jack and Mr G bowed out, while Slater assumed the role as the overall chip leader.

Fourth place went to Ihle when he committed his stack with {Q-Spades}{6-Clubs} on a {A-Spades}{K-Spades}{4-Spades} flop. Denton called with {A-Hearts}{K-Hearts} for top two pair and when the turn and river were the {Q-Clubs} and {10-Clubs} respectively, Ihle’s tournament came to an abrupt end.

Despite holding more than half the chip in play as play reached three-handed, Slater was the next player to head to the cashier’s cage! His final hand saw him raise to 55,000, Tighe three-bet but before his bet could be made, Slater moved all in. Tighe called and revealed a pair of nines to the {A-}{5-} of Slater. The {9-}{7-}{6-} flop gave Tighe a set, but and eight on the turn improved Slater to a straight. However, it was not over because the river was a seven, which gifted Tighe a full house and left Slater with nothing but empty space in front of him where his chips once sat.

Tighe started the heads-up battle with Denton with a 2,800,000 to 500,000 chip advantage, but it took him close to 40 minutes to press home that advantage. The final hand saw Denton all in with {A-}{4-} against the {7-Clubs}{7-Diamonds} of Tighe and when the board ran out void of any aces or drama, Tighe was announced as the GUKPT Walsall champion.

2013 GUKPT Walsall Final Table Results

1stDavid Tighe£24,910
2ndCharlie Denton£17,420
3rdTim Slater£10,970
4thCharles Ihle£6,660
5thMr G£5,160
6thGerard Haggerty£4,090
7thMark Hester£3,220
8thJulian Thew£2,370

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