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David Lloyd Wins the 2013 GUKPT Brighton Main Event

David Lloyd

Imagine being paid £22,320 for three day’s work. How amazing would that be? Well, that is exactly the amount won by David Lloyd who won the 2013 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour Brighton Mani Event on Sunday.

By day, Lloyd is the Head of I.T at MainEventTravel.com, but by night, he is a keen and talented poker player. Last month, Lloyd finished eighth in the GUKPT Reading Main Event and banked £2,270 and now he has ten-times that amount after emerging victorious in the GUKPT Brighton Main Event.

The third and final day started at 1pm on Sunday when 14 players sat down to decide the tournament’s champion. Lloyd started 13th in chips and in the need of a double-up, which came within the first 20-minutes of play. Rajinder Kumar opened and then called when Lloyd three-bet all in. Kumar showed {q-}{j-} to Lloyd’s more powerful {a-}{q-} and when the board ran out {q-}{3-}{5-}{10-}{10-} Lloyd saw his stack swell to 240,000.

After two hours of play, the final table was set. Ross Patman, the aforementioned Kumar, John Allison, Amin Mousavin and Dinarte Desousa (the latter burst the final table bubble) were the players who exited in positions 10-14.

2013 GUKPT Brighton Main Event Final Table

1David Lloyd260,000
2Danny Tran770,000
3Piers Whyman530,000
4Nik Stylianou1,250,000
5Gary Sandford120,000
6Matthew Bushell305,000
7Dan Bushell320,000
8Perri Fox145,000
9Graham Farbrace266,000

The blinds at the start of the final table were 6,000/120,000 with a running ante of 1,500. Gary Sandford started the finale as the shortest stack, then doubled and then became the ninth place finisher. Sandford open-shoved from the cutoff with ace-jack and was rather unfortunate to run into the pocket kings of Dan Bushell. Sandford flopped a jack to give him some hope, although hope is all he had because he could not find any more of his outs and was eliminated.

With Sandford’s exit confirmed, Perri Fox became the shortest stack and was in desperate need of chips. In an attempt to chip up, Fox moved all in for 140,000 chips – the blinds were 8,000/16,000/2,000 at this stage – with ace-six and saw Danny Tran move all in and Nik Stylianou re-shove over Tran’s raise! Stylianou flipped over pocket queens and Tran aces! The aces held to bust Fox, leave Stylianou with only 14,000 chips and send Tran to 1,750,000!

Stylianou, who earlier ran kings into aces, busted in seventh place shortly after that massive three-way all in hand.

Seventy-five minutes later and Lloyd’s tournament almost came to an abrupt end. Lloyd managed to get his stack into the middle in great shape, his pocket aces crushing the eights of Piers Whyman. Lloyd’s aces remained best on the {3-}{3-}{7-} flop, but an eight landed on the turn to improve Whyman to a set of eights, which left Lloyd needing one of the two remaining aces in the deck. The dealer burned a card before dealing the river….ACE! Lloyd doubled to 620,000 and gained some much-needed breathing room.

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Mere minutes later and the tournament lost another player when Graham Farbrace’s dreams of becoming the GUKPT Brighton champion ended. Farbrace open-shoved blind from the small blind for 83,000 and Lloyd called. Farbrace flipped over four-trey and trailed the equally poor eight-four of Lloyd. Neither player improved by the river and Lloyd won by the virtue of his eight-kicker.

The five remaining players then went on dinner break and almost immediately after returning, a player exited. Matt Bushell, one of two brothers at the final table, open-shoved his last 300,000 (12.5 big blinds) with ace-king, a move that looked set to win the blinds and antes. That was until Tran woke up in the big blind with pocket aces! The board ran out void of drama and one of the Bushell brothers busted.

With the blinds and antes starting to bite into each players’ stack, the tournament was paused so the last four players could discuss a possible deal. A deal was indeed struck and fourth place became worth £10,000 instead of the planned £7,420.

That deal benefited the second Bushell brother, Dan Bushell, the most because he was eliminated in fourth place. Bushell opened to 56,000, Lloyd three-bet all in and Bushell tank-called off his last 400,000. Lloyd turned over {a-Spades}{6-Spades} and was ahead of Bushell’s {k-Hearts}{10-Hearts}. Both players improved to a pair on the {a-Hearts}{5-Spades}{q-Hearts} flop, but it was Lloyd’s hand that remained best, sending Bushell to the rail.

An hour later and a second deal was struck that guaranteed the remaining players £18,500 instead of the original £12,130. This amount was won by the dangerous Tran who was coolered with two pair versus trips and then shoved with {6-}{5-} and running into Lloyd’s {a-}{9-}. Lloyd’s ace-high held and Tran busted.

The final two players were almost level in chips; Lloyd held 1,900,000 chips to Whyman’s 2,000,000. Lloyd took a huge lead when he four-bet all in with {a-}{8-} and Whyman instantly called with pocket kings. The {q-}{5-}{10-} flop kept the kings in front and although the {8-} on the turn helped Lloyd, Whyman’s kings remained best. Lloyd, who had got lucky on numerous occasions at the final table, saw his luck come in again as the river was another eight to improve him to trips and leave Whyman with only 500,000 chips at his disposal.

Those 500,000 when into the pot minutes later when Whyman three-bet all in over the top of a 100,000 raise from Lloyd. Whyman revealed {k-}{5-}, which trailed the {a-}{10-} of Lloyd. By the river, the board read {7-}{a-}{k-}{3-}{2-}

2013 GUKPT Brighton Main Event Final Table Results

1stDavid Lloyd£22,320*
2ndPiers Whyman£18,500*
3rdDanny Tran£18,500*
4thDan Bushell£10,000*
5thMatt Bushell£5,960
6thGraham Fabrace£4,700
7thNik Stylianou£3,720
8thPerri Fox£2,720
9thGary Sandford£1,980

*reflects a four-handed and then three-handed deal

The GUKPT is back in action August 4-11 at the G Casino in Bolton. Can Lloyd make it three consecutive final tables? We do not have long to find out.

Lead image courtesy of the GUKPT Blog.

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