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PokerStars Deals 100 Billionth Hand at Micro-Stakes Table; Winner Receives $103,000

PokerStars celebrated its 100 billionth hand of online poker on Thursday, and in merriment of the milestone the site awarded more than $2 million in cash prizes to participating players.

The 100 billionth hand took place on a $0.02/$0.05 No Limit Hold’em 6-Max table. The winner of the hand was "microulis69" who received $103,800, which is the largest amount ever awarded to any one player in a milestone hand promotion. An additional $65,460 was distributed between the other five players at the table along with another $830,790.34 handed out in cash rewards to 9,471 more players for playing while the 100-billionth hand was dealt.

The table froze as players on the Euryalos XI table were notified that the 100 billionth hand was about to be dealt to them.

PokerStars Deals 100 Billionth Hand at Micro-Stakes Table; Winner Receives 3,000 101

With dozens of Team PokerStars Pros offering their congratulations in the chat box, all six players moved all in before the flop, with one player having $6.69 behind. The flop showed {A-Clubs}{2-Clubs}{J-Clubs} to give microulis69 middle pair with {J-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds}. “HeyitsClay” had a flush draw with {K-Hearts}{6-Clubs}, while “Mayers666” held a higher flush draw holding {7-Clubs}{3-Spades}. “ModyMiss” flopped bottom pair with {2-Spades}{8-Diamonds} and two other players were left drawing thin. The board completed with the {9-Diamonds} turn and {10-Diamonds} river, and microulis69’s pair of jacks was good enough to collect a $31.55 pot along with $103,800 in prize money.

microulis69 wins with a pair of jacks
microulis69 wins with a pair of jacks

Here’s a look at the table payouts:

microulis69$103, 800

The 100 Billion Hand Promotion began last Friday and has since paid out more than $2 million to PokerStars players. Although the 100 billionth hand was reached, the promotion will continue to run through June with several promotions offering players a chance to win more money.

On Sunday, there will be a $300,000 World Record attempt featuring a $1 buy-in with a $300,000 guaranteed prize pool and at least $25,000 promised to the eventual winner.

From June 17 through June 23, the Golden Sit & Go’s promotion will run offering three levels of rewards: double the prize pool plus two buy-ins per players, quadruple the prize pool plus four buy-ins per player, and ten times the prize pool plus ten buy-ins per player.

The Zoom 100 promotion will be held on June 23 with a $1 million guaranteed $109 Zoom tournament. First place is promised to be at least $100,000.

The Zoom and Boom will run June 24 through June 30. Players at Zoom No Limit Hold’em tables (any stakes) will be able to earn cash rewards by winning a pot post-flop with the exact same hand (including suits) as the one that the three Team Pros select as their favorite. The winning vote will be announced on June 20.

Finally, the 100-Billionth Hand Celebration will close with the $1 million Ultimate Freeroll to be held on June 30. First-place is promised $50,000 and offers various ways of participating in the event.

To learn more or get in on the action yourself, visit PokerStars.

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