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Nick Humphris Wins the GUKPT Portsmouth Main Event

Nick Humphris

Nick Humprhis’ name is the latest entry into the history books of the Grosvenor Poker Tour after he won the Portsmouth leg over the weekend. Humphris walked away from the G-Casino, Portsmouth with £16,500 in prize money, a trophy and a seat in the season-ending Grand Final.

The nine final table members sat down on Sunday afternoon to complete £550 GUKPT Portsmouth Main Event. As play began on the third and final day the players lined up as follows:

1Morgan Sorfleet204,000
2Adam Boutwell136,000
3Denis Omahoney85,000
4Nick Humprhis505,500
5Blair Hampton554,000
6Trevor Bowers184,000
7Dom Mahoney304,500
8Kahlick Mohangee187,000
9Simon Skinner492,500

It did not take long for the first player to lose their chips, just 10 minutes in fact, and it was Morgan Sorfleet who busted in record time. Khalick Mohangee opened and Sorfleet called. Mohangee then continued on a {Q-}{7-}{10-} flop by betting 37,500 and Sorlfeet called. The turn was a {6-} and Mohangee moved all in. Sorfleet made the call, but did not look too happy about it, and when he turned over {Q-}{8-} you could see why he was uncomfortable. Mohangee held a superior {A-}{Q-} and when a seven landed on the turn the tournament lost its first player.

Shortly after Sorfleet’s demise, Dennis Omahoney joined him on the rail. Mohangee opened to 12,000 and then called when Omahoney three-bet all in for 75,000. Omahoney turned over the {Q-}{Q-} and Mohangee the {7-}{7-}. Just as it look as if Omahoney would double up the board ran out {K-}{6-}{9-}{8-}{10-} to gift Mohanee an unlikely straight and condemn Omahoney to an eighth place finish.

A third elimination in 30 minutes claimed the tournament life of Trevor Bowers. Humphris opened to 20,000 in the hijack and Bowers moved in for 150,000 from the small blind. Mahoney then re-shoved from the big blind and Humphris folded. Bowers showed pocket deuces and was in a whole world of pain against the aces of Mahoney. The board ran out void of drama and Bowers hit the rail.

Another 10 minutes past and another elimination occurred. This time Mahoney made it 19,000 to play in the hijack and then snap-called when Adam Boutwell moved his short stack in from the big blind. Boutwell made his move with king-ten and was dominated by the ace-king of his opponent. Both players paired their king on the flop, but Mahoney caught an ace on the turn to leave Boutwell drawing dead.

Amazingly, the bust outs showed no signs of slowing down and at just before 15:00 – just one hour after play began at the final table – Blair Hampton crashed out in fifth place. Mahoney opened to 20,000, Hampton three-bet to 42,000 and then called when Mahoney four-bet to 87,000. The chips then went into the middle on a {K-}{8-}{7-} flop, Hampton holding {A-}{K-} but being crushed by the {K-}{K-} of Mahoney. The turn and river didn’t help Hampton’s cause and he busted in fifth place.

After the early flurry of activity the eliminations slowed down but the pace of the game did not. Around 90-minutes after Hampton exited in fifth place, Mohangee busted in fourth. Simon Skinner got the betting underway with a 24,000 raise and both Mahoney and Mohangee called in the blinds. Both blinds checked to Skinner on a {9-Diamonds}{A-Diamonds}{9-Hearts} flop, Skinner then continued with a 35,000 bet only to see Mahomey raise to 73,000 and Mohangee raise all in for 500,000 over the top of that raise! Skinner quickly folded but Mahoney called, tabling {J-Clubs}{9-Clubs} as he did so. Mohangee held {9-Spades}{7-Diamonds} and when the turn and river were the {3-Diamonds} and {5-Spades} it was game over for Mohangee and Mahoney climbed to 1,500,000 in chips.

Minutes later and Skinner’s demise was completed. Mahoney open-limped his small blind and Skinner shoved on him with what turned out to be ace-four. Mahoney made the call with just ace-deuce but was rewarded when a two was the first card onto the flop. The lowly deuce held and sent the tournament into heads-up.

Mahoney lead by 1,800,000 to 800,000 chips and with binds at 6,000/12,000 each player was very deep stacked.

Around an hour into play, the heads-up duo paused the clock while they discussed a deal, a deal that was eventually agreed on. Mahoney locked up a £17,850 payday while Humphris secured a payout of no less than £16,500. The deal left the bragging rights, a trophy and the Grand Final seat to play for.

Then at just after 19:30, only five and a half hours after play began, the final hand was dealt. Humphris opened to 50,000, Mahoney three-bet to 100,000, Humphris four-bet to 350,000 and then called when Mahoney five-bet all in for 700,000. Mahoney showed a pair of sevens but Humphris held {K-Clubs}{K-Spades} and was miles ahead. The kings held on a ten-high board and with that Humphris has won the GUKPT Portsmouth Main Event.

GUKPT Portsmouth Final Table Results

1stNick Humphris£16,500*
2ndDom Mahoney£17,850*
3rdSimon Skinner£8,880
4thKhalick Mohangee£5,520
5thBlair Hampton£4,360
6thAdam Boutwell£3,350
7thTrevor Bowers£2,680
8thDennis Omahoney£2,010
9thMoran Sorfleet£1,510

*reflects a deal struck when heads-up

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