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James Martin Wins the 2013 GUKPT Reading Main Event

James Martin

James Martin is the latest name to be written into the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) history books after he won the £550 buy-in GUKPT Reading Main Event on Sunday. Martin defeated seasoned pro Jeff Kimber heads-up to claim the £22,640 first place prize.

The tournament attracted a field of 165 runners, which is one of the largest-ever £550 buy-in GUKPT events in history, and a great turnout considering the World Series of Poker is in full swing. The final nine of those 165 entrants returned to their seats on Sunday afternoon to complete the tournament and crown its champion.

GUKPT Reading Final Table Seat Draw

1Jeff Kimber273,000
2Paul Dunne198,000
3David Lloyd323,500
4John Burberry118,500
5Adam Howlett670,500
6Alex Zeligman427,000
7Ellie Biessek413,500
8James Martin169,000
9Timotheos Timotheou731,500

It took almost two hours for the first player eliminated and when it finally happened it was Paul Dunne who lost his chips. James Martin opened to 31,000, Dunne shipped his stack into the middle, and Martin quickly called. Martin showed {10-}{10-} to Dunne’s lower {8-}{8-} and once Martin flopped a set on the {10-}{k-}{4-} flop it was game over for Dunne.

Another hour past before David Lloyd lost a massive coinflip in a hand against Timotheos Timotheou. Lloyd three-bet all in for 243,000 after Timotheou had opened to 35,000. Timotheou called with ace-queen and Lloyd revealed pocket tens. The flop came down {Q-}{Q-}{J-} to propel Timothoeu into the lead and when the turn or river failed to improve Lloyd, his tournament ended.

John Burberry saw his tournament end abruptly despite getting his chips into the middle in good shape. Burberry was all-in with {A-}{J-} and up against the {A-}{6-} of Alex Zeligman and in great shape to double up until a six landed on the flop. Burberry couldn’t find one of the three remaining jacks and it was game over for him.

Two hours later and Zeligman went from being the executioner to being the executed as he clashed with Jeff Kimber. Kimber woke up with pockey kings in a battle of the blinds while Zeligman committed his stack with ace-ten. Zeligman caught a ten on the river, but it was too little too late for him and he crashed out in sixth place.

Not long after doubling up after finding aces, Ellie Biessek added more chips to her stack when she woke up with kings to crush the {A-}{6-} of Timotheou. The board ran out nine high and never hinted at helping the all-in player, Timotheou busting in fifth place.

Only 10 more minutes passed before the tournament lost another player. This time, Adam Howlett chose ace-nine to go all in with and found a caller in the shape of Kimber and his pocket sixes. The {2-}{k-}{j-}{q-}{4-} board flirted with the idea of coming to Howlett’s aid, but ultimately it didn’t and he headed to the cashier’s desk to pick up fourth places money.

Slightly before 22:30 a massive pot went down that saw Biessek eliminated. On a {10-}{6-}{j-} flop a raising war broke out that resulted in Biessek being all in with jack-eight against the ten-eight of Martin. Martin then spiked trip tens on the turn and when the river bricked off Biessek exited and Martin soared to the top of the chip counts.

Heads-up last only one hand, and it occurred after the heads-up pair agreed to chop the remaining prize pool so that each player took home £18,000 and left the rest and the trophy for the winner. The chips went in preflop, Kimber holding ace-jack and Martin pocket tens. Neither player improved on the flop, or the turn, but Martin caught a third ten on the river to crush Kimber and claim the GUKPT Reading title as his own.

GUKPT Reading Final Table Results

1stJames Martin£22,640*
2ndJeff Kimber£18,000*
3rdEllie Biessek£10,520
4thAdam Howlett£6,390
5thTimotheos Timotheou£4,950
6thAlex Zeligman£3,920
7thJohn Burberry£3,090
8thDavid Lloyd£2,270
9thPaul Dunne£1,650

*reflects a heads-up deal

Lead image courtesy of the GUKPT

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