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APAT Release Details of its Seventh Season

APAT Release Details of its Seventh Season 0001

The Amateur Poker Association & Tour (APAT) has one of the most vibrant and welcoming communities in the entire world of poker. It also has some of the best value, low buy-in tournaments available anywhere in the world today.

Last week, APAT released full details of their seventh season’s events and we can tell you that APAT members are in for a real treat in Season 7.

Des Duffy of APAT wrote on the popular APAT forum:

The core tour will continue with visits to Coventry, Cardiff, Nottingham, Glasgow, Stoke, Newcastle and London. Dublin returns as a flyaway destination, alongside a debut appearance for APAT in Prague and a return to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. The opening leg of Season Seven; the APAT Masters, took place on the pitch of Wembley Stadium earlier this month.

APAT will visit the Czech Republic for the first time, as the opening event of the prestigious Prague Poker Festival, alongside marquee poker brand the World Poker Tour. Two APAT events will run there - the 16 country European Amateur Team Championship and the 200 runner European Amateur Poker Championship (individual).

In addition, APAT will roll out Cash Tour, a concept that introduces a hybrid cash and tournament format that positively engaged amateur players and seasoned pros when trialled in season six. Cash Tour will feature 7 events, each lasting five hours and taking place on a Friday night. Concept details can be found at

Details of the extended 15 event World Championship of Amateur Poker (WCOAP) are still subject to change, but the proposed schedule sees the return of the 10 events which ran at DTD in April 2013, and the addition of Shootout, 2 Game Mixed, Omaha 8 and Season Seven Champion of Champions events - the latter open only to APAT National Champions. The hugely popular APAT Awards will also be presented during the WCOAP.

APAT recently announced the acquisition of the Live Pub Poker League, and APAT’s Season Seven will also feature the LPPL’s Players Championship and the multi-event Festival of Pub Poker, which takes place over several days at Pontins in Southport. APAT members can avail of over 200 tournaments per week in pubs and clubs nationwide through the Live Pub Poker League, while further local and home initiatives are being developed for release during the season.

The winner of each of APAT’s National Amateur Championship events will win an added seat to the WCOAP main event – where the winner will receive the trip of a lifetime to Las Vegas during the next WSOP. They will be accompanied to Las Vegas by the winner of the Season Seven Champion of Champions event and the winner of the combined Live and Online Rankings.

There is to be a total of 32 Championship events to be held across the UK, Ireland, Europe and even the United States of America. Also, poker’s first-ever Cash Tour is set to run in the UK and a 14 event World Championship of Amateur Poker (WCOAP).

APAT Season 7 Schedule

Sat 1 Jun 13APAT Poker Masters£200+£20Wembley Stadium
Sat 29 Jun 13APAT English Amateur Poker Championship£75+£7.50G Casino, Coventry
Sat 03 Aug 13APAT Welsh Amateur Poker Championship£75+£7.50G Casino, Cardiff
Fri 23 Aug 13UKCOAP #1 Home International Championship£50+£5DTD, Notts
Fri 23 Aug 13UKCOAP #2 Omaha Championship£50+£5DTD, Notts
Sat 24 Aug 13UKCOAP #3 Six max Championship£50+£5DTD, Notts
Sat 24 Aug 13UKCOAP #4 Cash Championship£100+£10DTD, Notts
Sun 25 Aug 13UKCOAP #5 UK Amateur Poker Championship£100+£10DTD, Notts
Sun 25 Aug 13UKCOAP #6 Open Championship£200+£20DTD, Notts
Mon 26 Aug 13UKCOAP #7Heads Up Championship£50+£5
Sat 7 Sep 13LPPL Players Championship Gala, Bristol
Sat 28 Sep 13APAT Irish Amateur Poker Championship€75+€10Fitzwilliam, Dublin
Sat 02 Nov 13APAT Scottish Amateur Poker Championship£75+£7.50Alea, Glasgow
Sat 09 Nov 13APAT North American Amateur Poker Championship£75+£7.50Caesars Palace, Las Vegas
Thu 05 Dec 13ECOAP #1 European Amateur Team Championship€100+€10TBC, Prague
Sat 7 Dec 13ECOAP #2 European Amateur Poker Championship€100+€10TBC, Prague
Sat 1 Feb 14APAT United Kingdom Team Championship£50+£5Genting, Stoke
Fri 28 Feb 14LPPL Festival of PokerVariousPontins, Southport
Sat 1 Mar 14WCOAP #1 NLHE Championship£50+£5Aspers, Newcastle
Sun 2 Mar 14WCOAP #2 Shootout Championship£50+£5Aspers, Newcastle
Sat 29 Mar 14WCOAP #3 Open Championship£200+£20Aspers, London
Sun 30 Mar 14WCOAP #4 Mixed Game Championship£50+£5Aspers, London
Thu 17 Apr 14WCOAP #5 World Amateur Team Championship£100+£10TBC
Thu 17 Apr 14WCOAP #6 Omaha O8 Championship£50+£5TBC
Fri 18 Apr 14WCOAP #7 Pot Limit Omaha Championship£50+£5TBC
Fri 18 Apr 14WCOAP #8 Stud Championship£50+£5TBC
Sat 19 Apr 14WCOAP #9 World Amateur Poker Championship£100+£10TBC
Sat 19 Apr 14WCOAP #10 HORSE Championship£50+£5TBC
Sat 19 Apr 14WCOAP #11 Cash Championship£100+£10TBC
Sun 20 Apr 14WCOAP #12 Six Max Championship£50+£5TBC
Sun 20 Apr 14WCOAP #13 Razz Championship£50+£5TBC
Mon 21 Apr 14WCOAP #14 Heads Up Championship£50+£5TBC

There is more to Season 7 of APAT than just the tournaments because they are added a ton of value including a poker holidays of a lifetime! Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we bring you more news direct from the APAT camp.

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