2013 World Series of Poker: UK & Ireland Cashes So Far

David Vamplew

The 2013 World Series of Poker is in full swing with millions of dollars having been won. But how many of those “greenbacks” have found their way into the wallets of our poker players? This article will reveal all.

Event No.PlayerPositionPrize (USD)
2David Vamplew2$342,450
2Peter Gould20$15,824
3Dermot Blain23$14,067
3Sunny Chattha30$11,361
3Andrew Teng59$6,378
3Sam Razavi141$2,961
3David Tighe167$2,619
3David Bland188$2,619
3Jack Salter193$2,335
3Bruce Shannon222$2,335
4Martin Malone23$9,640
4Scott O’Reilly39$5,599
4Craig McCorkell59$3,997
4Sadan Turker71$3,391
4Niall Farrell79$3,117
5Matthew Ashton3$86,437
5Zimnan Ziayrd20$6,551
6Tom Alner42$26,631
6John Eames99$8,563
6Derek Chisholm222$6,165
6Rupert Elder228$5,309
6Leslie Duthie248$5,309
6Neil Channing275$5,309
6Sebastian Saffari277$5,309
6Paul Vas Nunes443$3,510
6Heath Cram485$3,510
6Philipp Roch502$3,510
6Jamie Roberts578$2,740
6Jake Cody633$2,740
7Andrew Teng180$1,868
11Gary Pearce12$22,786
11Chris Moorman25$11,435
12Sunny Chattha16$6,478
13Matthew Ashton2$164,700
14David McConachie41$8,987
14Joel Ettedgi143$3,020
15David Tarbet74$2,816
17Ian Frazer19$15,317
17Scott O’Reilly44$10,343
17Joe Laming88$4,546
17Peter Murphy112$3,537
17Craig McCorkell119$3,537
17Jake Cody126$3,537
17James Dempsey150$3,182
17Yudhishter Jaswal182$2,898

As you can see from the large table above, UK & Irish players have been OK for themselves through Event s 1-17 with 45 cashes in total. Of those 45 cashes there have been three final table appearances that resulted in two runner-up finishes and a third place.

Two of those final table appearances were made by Matthew Ashton who has combined winnings of $251,137.00 which is still short of the $342,450 that David Vamplew won for coming second in Event #2.

In total, UK & Ireland’s players have won $845,273 and with more than 40 events still to play we would expect that amount to be smashed!

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