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Big Scores Galore For UK & Ireland Players on Day 2 of SCOOP

Big Scores Galore For UK & Ireland Players on Day 2 of SCOOP 0001

It was a case of carrying on where they left off for UK & Ireland’s players competing in the 2013 Spring Championship Of Online Poker (SCOOP) if last night’s results are anything to go by. As the title suggests, there were plenty of large wins for our players on Day 2 of the SCOOP. Let’s take a look at who won what!

SCOOP Event #3: No Limit Hold’em Rebuy Six-Max Action Hour

The low buy-in of SCOOP Event #3 may have only been $5.50 in total but that did not stop the prize pool swelling to $305,385.00 by the time rebuys and add-ons were no longer available. The deepest run by a UK or Ireland player was by “Shaunn1” who managed to navigate his way thrugh the vast majority of the 17,403 entries to finish in third place “Shaunn1” took home $28,530.64 after a three-way chop, which was actually $3,000 more than the second place finisher!

The huge prizes on offer in the $55 Medium buy-in event attracted some of online poker’s big names to drop down stakes and battle it out at PokerStars’ virtual felt. Indeed, a number of these established professional poker players reached the final table, including our very own Christopher “NigDawG” Brammer who busted in fifth place for $16,502.50.

Brammer was in good company at the final table, which was the home to players the calibre of “TMoney0209” (4th), Steve “gboro780” Gross (3rd), former European Poker Tour Grand Final champion Mohsin “sms9231” Charania (2md). Charania chopped heads-up with Adam “Roothlus” Levy while Levy was on the final table of the Monaco Cup in Monte Carlo!

The High buy-in of SCOOP Event #3 was $530 which priced out all but the very best players in the world. One such great player was Chris “Moorman1” Moorman who finished sixth for a $26,212.50 score. Moorman outlasted outlasted all of his fellow Brits and his Irish cousins, Jude “j.thaddeus” Ainsworth’s 14th place being the deepest run of all the Emerald Isle.

A big shout needs to go to the eventual winner of SCOOP Event #3H, Sami “Lrslzk” Kelopuro who took home $143,295.00 to add to the $5,658.00 he was awarded for bubbling the final table of the Medium buy-in event. A superb achievement we are sure you will agree.

SCOOP Event #6: No Limit 5-Card Draw 2x Chance

Five-Card Draw may not be a game that is as popular as it once were, but you would not have thought that if you based your judgement on the attendances for the SCOOP event.

The UK’s “magwitch78” deserves a round of applause for progressing to eighth place from a 4,211 turnout, turning their $11 investment into a much more substantial $555.72.

The deepest run of our players in the $109 buy-in medium event, which attracted 519 entries, was “log1c7” who finished in tenth place. Team PokerStars’ Shane “shaniac” Schleger was denied a SCOOP bracelet by Russia’s “TiltPlayerrr.”

Sixty-five players bought into the $1,050 High buy-in event and again one of our players almost brought home the proverbial bacon. “INSHALA82” crashed out in fourth place for a score of $7,600, leaving Estonia’s “jon011” to claim the title for himself after a battle with third place Chris “ImDaNuts” Oliver (3rd) and Team PokerStars Online George “jorj95” Lind (2nd).

SCOOP Event #07: No Limit Hold’em Heads-Up

The heads-up tournaments always attract huge crowds and the SCOOP events were no exception. A total of 16,384 players turned out of the $7.50 Low buy-in, creating a prize pool of $111,738.88 – more than double the guarantee set by PokerStars!

At 06:04 this morning, “sundalyonly” of the UK defeated Romania’s “iHasYou” in the final match to win the SCOOP title and $8,169.59 in prize money, so a massive congratulations to him. Other deep finishes were had by “thelukystump” (18th), “irishjemert” (19th) and “4Deuce’d” (27th).

The $82 buy-in Medium even saw 3,639 battle it out one-on-one for a share of the $272,925 prize pool. Again, one of our players had an amazing run, “supersan321” eventually finishing in fifth place for a $5,092.78 payout.

Ireland’s “kurakasa” will wake up later today, check their PokerStars balance and see an additional $51,130.36 in there than there was yesterday thanks to finishing second in the $700 buy-in High event. “kurakasa” lost in the final match to Russia’s “KumariOy”.

The UK was well represented in the final stages as “vic1316” (5th), “Mr Negreanu” (11th), Laurence “rivermanl” Houghton (18th) and Luke “LFmagic” Fields (25th) all went close.

SCOOP Event #8: No Limit Hold’em

Event #8 is a two-day event that is now paused and waiting for the restart later today. The various buy-ins top the scales at $11, $109 and $1,050 with each event being full of UK & Irish players.

Day 3’s events are the Pot Limit 5-Card Omaha, No Limit Hold’em Super–Knockout and a Seven-card Stud event. As always, UK & Ireland PokerNews wishes all of our players the very best of luck in today’s tournaments.

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