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Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody wins Inaugural UKIPT Series

Jake Cody

Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody has added yet another major poker title to his name by winning the inaugural UKIPT Series 1 at The Hippodrome over the weekend. The £250 buy-in UKIPT Series attracted 343 runners across two starting days and already looks set to be a huge hit with the UK & Ireland poker communities.

The 343 entrants created an £83,177 prize pool that was distributed among the top 40 finishers in the tournament. Darren Fuller was the first player to bag some cash — £520 to be exact – with the prize money ever increasing as the number of competitors were reduced.

The eight-handed final table was set at around 18:30 on Sunday evening when Marius Lietuvninkas found his pair of jacks had run into the pocket kings of Uzzol Miah to burst the final table bubble.

1Kaloyan Kirov315,000
2Terry Jordan1,041,000
3Enzo Gomez607,000
4Lydia Cugudda1,099,000
5Uzzol Miah740,000
6Jake Cody762,000
7Shantanu Banerji284,000
8Tim Wong1,760,000

Just 10 minutes into the final table a player was eliminated. Cody opened to 48,000 from the cutoff and then called when Shantanu Banerji three-bet all in for 275,000. Cody revealed the {K-Diamonds}{K-Spades} and found himself up against the {A-Spades}{Q-Spades} of Banerji. The {2-Spades}{10-Hearts}{7-Clubs}{9-Hearts}{4-Hearts} board failed to hel Banerji and he busted out in eighth place.

Banerji’s seat hadn’t yet gone cold when the seventh place finisher was decided. Miah set the prize to play at 55,000 only to see Kaloyan Kirov move all in for 217,000 with when turned out to be {A-Diamonds}{Q-Hearts}. Miah tank-called with a dominated {A-Spades}{8-Clubs} and Kirov looked set to double up. That was until the {4-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}{J-Spades} flop came into view. The {7-Clubs} turn and {9-Diamonds} river did not alter the hand and Kirov’s tournament ended.

Around 90-minute passed without a bust out, but then there were a steady stream of them. First Miah open-shoved his 630,000 chips into the middle (blinds 25,000/50,000/5,000a) and Terry Jordan made a reluctant call from the small blind. Jordan’s call was a good one because his {7-Spades}{7-Diamonds} was facing {6-Spades}{6-Diamonds}. The {8-Clubs}{4-Diamonds}{K-Diamonds}{4-Clubs}{10-Diamonds} board was void of drama and Miah headed for the exits.

Fifth place went to Enzo Gomez after his 10 big blind shove with {A-Spades}{7-Diamonds} was called by Lydia Cugudda’s {K-Spades}{Q-Diamonds}. The {Q-Hearts}{Q-Clubs}{J-Spades} flop all but locked up the hand for Cugudda and the {J-Hearts} closed the door on a Gomez comeback. The inconsequential {2-Hearts} was the river card and Gomez busted out

The blinds increased further still, to 50,000/100,000/10,000a, reducing the size of the average stack and leaving the finalists quite short of chips. Cody made a play by moving in for 15 big blinds with {K-Hearts}{9-Hearts} and Tim Wong called with a pair of jacks. Cody, being Cody, flopped trip kings and rivered a full house to leave Wong with a solitary 25,000 chips. This went into the middle on the very next hand and Wong was eliminated, ironically by Cody.

A couple of minutes after Wong’s demise Jordan joined him on the rail. Having just lost a large percentage of his stack with pocket sixes to the {A-Hearts}{6-Diamonds} of Cugudda, Jordan proceeded to get his 1,225,000 chips into the middle of the felt with {J-Diamonds}{9-Hearts}. Cody snapped him off with the {A-Clubs}{K-Clubs} an when the board ran out {2-Diamonds}{A-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds}{J-Clubs}{Q-Hearts} heads-up was set.

Cody held a 4,340,000 to 2,280,000 chip lead over Cugudda but thelast woman standing put up an amazing fight that saw Cody unable to shake her off. The final hand took place at around 23:30 and saw Cody pick up pocket kings once more. With {K-Spades}{K-Hearts} in his hand, Cody made it 240,000 to play and then instantly called when Cugudda three-bet all in for 2,700,000 with {J-Diamonds}{10-Clubs}. The {10-Hearts}{Q-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}{6-Diamonds}{2-Clubs} board threatened to spoil Cody’s party but ultimately it did not, instead it awarded Cody the title and the £19,400 that came with it.

UKIPT Series 1 Final Table Results

1stJake Cody£19,400
2ndLydia Cugudda£13,140
3rdTerry Jordan£8,110
4thTim Wong£6,240
5thEnzo Gomez£4,880
6thUzzol Miah£3,430
7thKaloyan Kirov£2,700
8thShantanu Banerji£1,977

Lead image is the copyrighted property of Neil Stoddart.

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