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Kevin Allen wins the DTD Monte Carlo for £120,000!

Kevin Allen

Kevin Allen is the latest player to win the coveted Monte Carlo title at the Dusk Till Dawn poker room. Allen not only had to navigate his way through a star-studded field of 504 players, he also had to overcome one of the toughest final tables the Nottingham-based club has ever witnessed.

The final day saw 30 players return to their seats on Sunday afternoon, each sharing the dream of becoming the Monte Carlo’s champion. Throughout proceedings the likes of Dave “Devilfish” Ulliott (25th), Colburn “Rastafish” Colburn (20th), IveyPoker Pro John Eames (19th), Tom Rutter (18th), Mitchell Johnson (15th), and Ben Jackson (13th) all busted out.

Despite so many established players busting out before the finale, the final table was still pakced with some of the best poker talent this country has to offer.

DTD Monte Carlo Final Table Seat Draw

1Jamie Rutherford1,300,000
2Ben Jenkins1,200,000
3James Atkin4,500,000
4Tim Chung635,000
5Emyr Lewis1,100,000
6Kevin Allen2,600,000
7Rick Trigg3,600,000
8Lee Williamson430,000

The first player eliminated was the short stacked Tim Chung, who open-shoved from the button with {K-}{9-} and was looked up by Allen in the big blind and his {K-}{Q-}. Neither player improved by the river but Allen won the hand with his queen-kicker, sending Chung to the rail in eighth place.

Next to be sent packing was Emyr Lewis who saw Jamie Rutherford open to 100,000 UTG+1 and decided to three-bet all in for his 700,000 chips with just {K-}{10-}. Rutherford quickly called with his pocket nines, which held, to bust Lewis.

Six became five with the demise of Lee Williamson. Down to just 450,000 chips, Williamson looked down at pocket fives and concluded they were good enough to play for his short-stack. Unfortunately for Williamson, Rick Trigg woke up with a pair of nines and made the call. By the river the community cards read {J-}{8-}{8-}{7-}{A-}, sending Williamson to the rail.

Ben Jenkins’ exit was confirmed shortly after Williamson’s exit, thanks to an ill-timed moved. Jenkins found {10-Clubs}{8-Clubs} in the hole and opened for his 810,000 stack with it from the button. James Atkin flat-called in the small blind with {A-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds} but then folded when Allen re-shoved with {A-Hearts}{Q-Hearts} for 2,500,000 in total. Allen, already in the lead in the hand, paired his ace on the flop to send Jenkins to the rail in fifth place.

The final four players played some amazing poker; it was a real master class from each of them. After locking horns and butting heads in some fantastic battle it was only a matter of time before something gave and one of them busted. When that finally happened it was Rutherford who lost his stack.

Rutherford opened to 160,000 with pocket fives from under the gun, leaving himself approximately 2,200,000 behind. Atkin, on the button, three-bet to 365,000 with {A-}{Q-} only to see Allen four-bet to 615,000 with king-queen offsuit! Rutherford five-bet jammed, Atkin folded and Allen called. Allen’s call was rewarded with a king on the flop and a third one on the turn, and the tournament was down to just three players.

After 30-minutes of three-handed play, heads-up was set. Atkin opened to 200,000 with pocket fives and then called when Trigg ripped with {K-Clubs}{J-Clubs}. Trigg spiked both a king and a jack on the flop and when the poker gods failed to put a five on the turn or river, it was game over for Atkin.

Allen and Trigg’s played out a memorable one-on-one encounter, but only the final hand really matters, the hand that saw Allen crowned champion. Allen opened to 260,000 with {10-Clubs}{9-Clubs}, Trigg three-bet to 600,000 with {K-}{9-} and Allen called. The {10-}{9-}{A-} flop gifted Allen two pair, two pair that he check-raised Trigg’s 500,000 bet to 1,000,000. Trigg called. The turn was a four and now Allen set Trigg all-in. Trigged went into the tank before emerging with a call. The river was a {6-} and Allen’s two pair held to see him declared as the Monte Carlo champion!

DTD Monte Carlo Final Table Results

1stKevin Allen£120,000
2ndRichard Trigg£70,000
3rdJames Atkin£45,000
4thJamie Rutherford£30,000
5thBenjamin Jenkins£23,750
6thLee Williamson£18,000
7thEmyr Wyn Lewis£15,000
8thTimothy Chung£12,000
9thJoseph Cahill£10,000

Lead image courtesy of Blonde Poker

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