Eirimas Livonas Wins the GUKPT Didsbury Main Event for £22,570

Eirimas Livonas

April has been one to remember for Eirimas Livonas who has put his name on the poker map. At the start of the month Livonas won the APAT World Championships Main Event and yesterday he took down the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) Didsbury Main Event, adding £22,570 to his bankroll.

GUKPT Didsbury Final Table Seat Draw

1Alex Zeligman171,000
2Amir Danda fard448,000
3Andy Booth210,000
4Ben Winsor301,500
5Eirimas Livonas875,000
6Justin Devonport325,500
7Matt Davenport124,000
8Tom Hall230,500
9Yani Yanev360,000

When play at the final table commenced the blinds were 4,000/8,000/1,000a meaning Matt Davenport’s stack contained 15 big blinds and was in need of doubling up sooner rather than later. In an attempt to do just that, Davenport open-shoved on the button with {j-}{10-} and Yani Yanev called in the big blind with {a-}{9-}. Yanev was already in front when he paired his ace on the turn to leave Davenport drawing dead. Davenport’s ninth place finish earned him £1,530.

Almost an hour later and another player lost his chips, that player being Alex Zeligman. Finding himself down to 12.5 big blinds, Zeligman pushed all-in from under the gun with pocket queens. Unfortunately for Zeligman, Livonas woke up with a dominating pair of kings! Both players made a full house by the river but Zeligman’s was an expensive second-bet one.

Seventh place went to Amir Dandanfard, who fell victim to a solid call from Yanev. Livonas opened the betting by min-raising to 20,000. Yanev called in the small blind and Dandanfard in the big blind. The trio saw the flop fall {3-}{2-}{k-} and all three players checked. The turn was a second trey and Yanev led out with a 42,000 bet that only Dandanfard called. The four on the river was greeted by another Yanev bet, this time on for 36,000. No sooner had the bet been made, Dandanfard moved all in for 175,000 sending Yanev into the tank.

“This will be a bad call, but I just don’t believe you!” said Yanev to his all-in opponent before calling with pocket nines,

“Good call,” said Dandanford who mucked his hand and skulked away into the cold Manchester night.

One of tournament poker’s many coinflips ended Andy Booth’s tournaments during the next level of play. Tom Hall opened to 24,000 from the cutoff, Booth three-bet all in for 200,000 more chips and Hall finally called, showing {k-}{q-} to Booth’s pocket fives. Hall paired his king on the flop and when the other four community cards were void of fives it was game over for Booth.

Five became four with the elimination of Hall. Having lost a large pot just minutes before his exit hand, Hall was down to just 60,000 chips and these found their way into the middle of the table with Hall holding ace-three. Ben Winsor isolated Hall with a raise and nobody came for the ride. Winsor’s pair of eights remained the best hand and Hall exited the tournament area.

Justin Devonport finished in fourth spot when he three-bet jammed with king-nine and Yanev four-bet all in with the less than premium ace-ten. Neither player improved on a {q-}{8-}{7-}{2-}{6-} board, Yanev winning the hand by the virtue of his ace-kicker.

Just ten minutes after Devonport busted he was followed to the rail by Winsor. Again, Yanev was the executioner. Yanev opened to 65,000 from the button and Winsor moved all in for 495,000 from the small blind. Yanev called and showed a pair of tens, which were nicely in front of the king-eight of Winsor. The {10-}{8-}{8-} flop gifted Yanev a full house and Winsor trip eights but any hopes Winsor had of spiking a king were dashed when Yanev turned quads to lock up the hand. A valiant effort by Winsor who picked up just shy of £10,000.

That hand left Yanev with 1,800,000 chips to Livonas’ 1,200,000 as play progressed to the heads-up stages. Livonas managed to open a lead for himself over the course of two hours of one-on-one poker, and led by 2,250,000 to 750,000 at the final hand. On the last hand of the tournament Yanev open-shoved for 750,000 with king-queen but was in world of trouble against the {q-Clubs}{q-Diamonds} of Livonas. The board ran out {3-Hearts}{a-Diamonds}{8-Clubs}{9-Spades}{3-Diamonds} to bust out Yanev and leave Livonas to be swamped by his friends who had railed him throughout.

GUKPT Didsbury Main Event final table results

1stEirimas Livonas£22,570
2ndYani Yanev£15,870
3rdBen Winsor£9,945
4thJustin Devonport£6,120
5thTom Hall£4,785
6thAndy Booth£3,630
7thAmir Dandanfard£2,870
8thAlex Zeligman£2,105
9thMatt Davenport£1,530

Lead image courtesy of the GUKPT Live Updates team.

The next stop on the GUKPT is Stockton and thanks to the special relationship between PokerNews and Grosvenor Poker you could be heading to the 2013 GUKPT’s third leg. On April 28 there is a PokerNews-exclusive freeroll taking place at Grosvenor Poker that will see the winner take home a £550 seat to GUKPT Stockton. In addition to this, players who finish in positions second through to seventh will win a £55 GUKPT online satellite ticket that can be used to try and satellite into any GUKPT Main Event of your choice.

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