EPT London Kicks Off Today; Main Event Begins Sunday

EPT London Kicks Off Today; Main Event Begins Sunday 0001

While the UKIPT3 London Main Event has progressed to its Day 2 and the festival is in the final stages, its big brother, the European Poker Tour (EPT) London festival is just beginning.

Tonight at 21:00 at the newly opened PokerStars LIVE poker room in The Hippodrome casino, is the £1,000+£100 no limit Hold’em Turbo Win the Button; an event that is always good fun to participate in and even just watch from the sidelines. However, the tournament that everyone wants to win is the EPT London Main Event that starts on Sunday lunchtime.

The £5,000+£250 buy-in Main Event should see a massive crowd turn out for it, possibly eclipsing the 691 players who turned out for it last year. In Season 8, the EPT London Main Event was won by Germany’s Benny Spindler who picked up a cheque for £750,000 after defeating Steve O’Dwyer heads-up for the title of champion. PokerNews would expect Spindler to be back in London to defend his title, along with a whole host of big names and famous faces.

Other eagerly anticipated events are the £10,000+£300 High Roller Single Reload and the £10,300 EPT 8 Game Championship. Both events should see the cream of the crop buy in and compete for some astronomical prizes. PokerNews will have reporters on the floor bringing you full coverage of the Main Event and the High Roller.

Fri 8 Mar21:00NL Turbo Win the Button£1,000+£100The Hippodrome
Sat 9 Mar11:00NL Women’s Only£500+£50The Vic
Sat 9 Mar20:00NL Turbo£1,000+£100The Vic
Sun 10 Mar12:00EPT Main Event Day 1A£5,000+£250The Vic
Sun 10 Mar12:00PLO Turbo 8 handed£2,000+£100The Hippodrome
Mon 11 Mar12:00EPT Main Event Day 1B£5,000+£250The Vic
Mon 11 Mar12:00NL Turbo Bounty 8 handed£1,000+£1,000+£100The Hippodrome
Mon 11 Mar20:00NL Turbo 8 handed£2,000+£100The Hippodrome
Tue 12 Mar12:00EPT Main Event Day 2 The Vic
Tue 12 Mar16:00NL Hold’em Day 1£2,000+£150The Hippodrome
Tue 12 Mar19:00PLO8 One Rebuy or Add-on£500+£50The Vic
Wed 13 Mar12:00EPT Main Event Day 3 The Vic
Wed 13 Mar12:00NL Turbo£1,000+£100The Hippodrome
Wed 13 Mar12:00EPT 8 Game Championships£10,000+£300The Vic
Wed 13 Mar13:00NL Hold’em Final Day The Hippodrome
Wed 13 Mar18:00NL Hold’em Day 1£1,000+£100The Hippodrome
Wed 13 Mar18:00PLO One rebuy or Add-on Day 1£1,000+£100The Vic
Thu 14 Mar12:00EPT Main Event Day 4 The Vic
Thu 14 Mar12:00NL Hold’em 8 handed 30-min blinds£1,000+£100The Hippodrome
Thu 14 Mar13:00EPT 8 Game Championships Final Day The Vic
Thu 14 Mar13:00NL Hold’em Final Day The Hippodrome
Thu 14 Mar13:00PLO One Rebuy or One Add-on Final Day The Vic
Thu 14 Mar16:00NL High Roller Single Reload£10,000+£300The Vic
Thu 14 Mar18:00NLH / PLO 8 Handed Day 1£1,500+£100The Vic
Thu 14 Mar19:00NL Turbo£1,000+£100The Hippodrome
Fri 15 Mar12:00EPT Main Event Day 5 The Vic
Fri 15 Mar12:00NL High Roller Single Reload Final Day The Vic
Fri 15 Mar12:00NL Win the Button 8 handed 30-min blinds£1,000+£100The Vic
Fri 15 Mar12:00HORSE 30-min Levels£1,000+£100The Hippodrome
Fri 15 Mar13:00NL Heads-Up 32-Player Cap Day 1£1,000+£100The Hippodrome
Fri 15 Mar13:00NLH / PLO 8 handed Final Day The Vic
Fri 15 Mar18:00NL Hold;em Deepstack Day 1£500+£50The Vic
Fri 15 Mar21:00NL Turbo£300+£30The Hippodrome
Sat 16 Mar12:00EPT Main Event Final Table The Vic
Sat 16 Mar12:00NL Heads-Up 32 Player Cap Final Day The Hippodrome
Sat 16 Mar12:00NL Hold’em Deepstack Final Day The Vic
Sat 16 Mar12:00Spring Fling Turbo £25k GTD£300+£30The Hippodrome
Sat 16 Mar12:00NL Turbo 6-handed£5,000+£200The Vic
Sat 16 Mar17:00NL Turbo 6 handed£2,000+£100The Vic

Lead image courtesy of Neil Stoddart and the PokerStars Blog.

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