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PartyPoker Weekly: sinhnhlk1994 Wins a Nexus 4, Fast Forward Challenge and More!

PartyPoker Weekly

Welcome to the latest edition of the PartyPoker Weekly where we bring you the Nexus 4 freeroll results, and an insight into the latest promotions being held on PartyPoker.

Nexus 4 Promotion Results: sinhnhlk1994 Wins the Sought-After Gadget!

During the recent Aussie Millions festival, PokerNews and PartyPoker came together to give our loyal customers the chance to win a Google Nexus 4 smartphone and a share of $2,000 in a PokerNews-exclusive freeroll. That freeroll has now been played to completion and all prizes awarded.

A total of 69 players sat down at the virtual felt of PartyPoker with 11 of those leaving the tournament with either cash or a Nexus 4 smartphone to show for their efforts. With this in mind, please spare a thought for "SOLIik00007" who finished in 12th place to burst the bubble — the last player to go home empty handed.

SOLIik00007's elimination meant every player still in the freeroll was guaranteed at least $50 for their efforts. The prize money increased steadily with each elimination until "JaqenHaghar" was eliminated in second place and picked up an impressive $580 in cash! This left "sinhnhlk1994" to walk away with the star prize of a much sought-after Nexus 4 smartphone. Congratulations.

Nexus 4 Freeroll results

PositionScreen NamePrize
1sinhnhlk1994Nexus 4

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more PokerNews-exclusive promotions on

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PartyPoker Weekly: sinhnhlk1994 Wins a Nexus 4, Fast Forward Challenge and More! 101

Take the FastForward Challenge and win a Bonus Every Week!

FastForward is one of the most exciting formats of poker you can play and thanks to a brand new promotion on PartyPoker it can also be one of the most profitable formats too.

The FastForward Challenge will see you awarded a poker bonus of between $5 and $100 just for playing FastForward poker! Earn just a single point on four separate days across the week and a $5 poker bonus will find its way to your account. Earn one point every day for seven days and this bonus amount increases to $10.

The maximum bonus this promotion yields is $100 and that is awarded to anyone who earns 100 points per day for seven consecutive days. This may sound like a lot of points but when you consider two points are awarded per $1 paid in rake then it is a mere $50. What's more, FastForward poker plays so fast that you will be ploughing through hands in such a rapid fashion that the points will just rack up.

Points Per DayFour days in a weekSeven days in a week
One point per day$5 poker bonus$10 poker bonus
Five points per day$15 poker bonus$20 poker bonus
25 points per day$35 poker bonus$40 poker bonus
50 points per day$45 poker bonus$50 poker bonus
100 points per day$75 poker bonus$100 poker bonus

As an added incentive to grind, PartyPoker will award you with an extra cash bonus if you qualify for a bonus for 12 weeks in a row!

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PartyPoker Weekly: sinhnhlk1994 Wins a Nexus 4, Fast Forward Challenge and More! 102

Win up to $100,000 in the World Domination Promotion

Conquer the world with PartyPoker and you could win up to $100,000 in cold, hard cash!

The World Domination promotion started on Feb. 1, and it has already been awarding thousands of dollars in prizes to PartyPoker customers. This amazing promotion will come to an end when February does, so you have less than two week in order to conquer as much of the world as you possibly can.

Throughout February PartyPoker players will be awarded one of 64 cities for every 10 PartyPoints they earn. Each city carries with it a prize, including entries to freerolls with prize pools ranging from $1,000 to $10,000, and instant cash prizes of between $1 and $20.

Furthermore, collect enough cities and you can build entire countries! Each country contains four cities. Find all four and you will win between $50 and $1,200.

Keep collecting cities and you could complete a continent, opening the door to some massive cash prizes. Each continent is made up of four countries. Build a continent and you will be awarded between $1,000 and $7,000. Complete all four continents to achieve World Domination and be rewarded the gigantic $100,000 prize!

PartyPoints are awarded at a rate of two per $1 paid in rake or tournament fees, so even the smallest-stakes player should be able to earn plenty of cities! Plus, PartyPoker will award you with your first city for just five PartyPoints. What are you waiting for? Start your quest for world domination today.

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PartyPoker Weekly: sinhnhlk1994 Wins a Nexus 4, Fast Forward Challenge and More! 103

Experience PartyPoker With a Free $50!

Have you been reading this PartyPoker Weekly and wished that you could be getting involved in all of the fantastic promotions that are currently on offer? Well you could be and be doing so with a free $50 too! Interested in getting your hands on some free poker money? Of course you are! Then keep on reading to find out how you can claim your free $50 PartyPoker bankroll.

  • Download the PartyPoker software through PokerNews
  • Create a new PartyPoker account and enter the bonus code "UKFREE50"
  • Fill out the registration form in the PartyPoker cashier
  • Return to PokerNews and fill out our brief registration form
  • Check your email inbox for a confirmation email from

Once you have received the confirmation email, $20 will be placed in your PartyPoker account. You must earn at least 40 PartyPoints before you will be able to withdraw the free $20. If you do not earn 40 PartyPoints within 60 days, the initial $20, or whatever remains of it, will be forfeited. PartyPoints are earned at a rate of two PartyPoints per $1 in rake or tournament fees, so earning 40 within 60 days is easy.

Once you have earned 40 PartyPoints, a further $30 will be deposited into your account bringing the total free cash to $50. You must then generate 160 points before you can cash out any of the $30 and must do so within 120 days otherwise the $30, or the remainder of it will be forfeited.

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If you experience any problems with this or any of our promotions, please contact our Ticketed Promo Support System.

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