Declan Connolly Wins the European Deepstack Championship

Declan Connolly

The 2013 European Deepstack Championships took place over the weekend and all who participated thoroughly enjoyed them. The flagship tournament was the €550 Main Event, which attracted 454 runners and boasted a prize pool of €221,799. Its champion is Declan Connolly.

Connolly and Jimmy De Barros came to an agreement when heads-up to split the remaining prize pool and play for the title and the trophy. This meant both players picked up €40,694 for their efforts, but Connolly's name is the one you will find if you search for 2013 d4events European Deepstack Championships champion!

2013 European Deepstack Championship Main Event

1Declan ConnollyIreland€40,694*
2Jimmy De BarrosLuxembourg€40,694*
3David JanssenBelgium€23,500
4Roland GradentSweden€17,000
5Raf De WeverBelgium€13,400
6Matthieu DuranFrance€10,475
7Gaetan LheureuxBelgium€7,600
8Pat SmythIreland€5,725
9Mark McDonnell€4,300 

*denotes heads-up deal

€2,000 High Roller

The €2,000 buy-in High Roller drew a crowd of seven players, meaning just the heads-up duo were paid. The eventual champion was Mikko Kaurenen who took home €8,160 after defeating Anthony Rodrigues in the one-on-one stage of the event.

1Mikko Kaurenen€8,160
2Anthony Rodrigues€5,000

€550 Side Event

The €550 side event attracted a crowd of 43 runners who created a prize pool of €21,005. This was shared out among the top five finisher, though the final four players in the tournament chose to strike a deal with each other. The results are below.

1Len Lauwers€6,000*
2Jorge Cots€4,700*
3Rustom Berjar€4,300*
4Peter Murphy€4,205*
5A Chappo€1,800

*denotes deal struck four-handed

€300 Side Event

The €300 buy-in side event saw 199 players buy-in and create a massive prize pool of €52,416. The final 18 players were paid out, a min-cash being worth €640. The lion’s share of the prize pool was split between eventual champion Keith Shannon (€13,636) and James Noonan (€10,500) who made a deal in the final stages of the event.

1Keith Shannon€13,636*
2James Noonan€10,500*
3Luc Boeckx€6,610
4Pieter Cools€4,885
5Olof Thorson€3,525
6Aziez Toufik€2,675
7John Angus€1,975
8Roger Gretsch€1,450
9Torgny Andersson€1,100

*Denotes deal made when heads-up

€200 Side Event

The €200 side event proved very popular, with 152 players buying into it. By the time registration close, the prize pool stood at €26,660 and this way paid out to the top 15 players. The eventual champion was Patrick Neyman, who defeated Junior Walden heads-up to walk away with €7,000.

1Patrik Neyman€7,000*
2Junior Walden€4,970*
3Jelle Verbruggen€2,800
4Anders Ekvall€2,200
5Bonno Van den Hout€1,910
6Steve Toisel€1,640
7Xavier Hazard€1,350
8A Chappo€1,060
9Kenna Veligi€790

*denotes deal struck heads-up

Lead image courtesy of D4 Events

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