Elliott Panyi Wins the Genting Poker Series Grand Final For £75,200

Elliott Panyi

The Genting Poker Series’ inaugural season ended over the weekend when the Fox Poker Club hosted the £1,500 Grand Final. By the time registration had closed, 176 players bought into the grand finale, creating a prize pool of £264,000. The lion’s share of this tidy sum is now nestled in the bank account of Elliott Panyi, the 2012 Genting Poker Series Grand Final champion.

The season-ending Grand Final played out its final table on Sunday afternoon where Charles Chattha was receiving the most attention. A dangerous player, Chattha was most people’s favourite to win this event, but he busted out in fifth place to end those thoughts.

The first player eliminated from the final table was Stefan Witmoss, who found himself all-in with {9-}{9-} and in terrible shape against the dominating pair of tens in the hand of Panyi. No nine appeared on the five community cards and Witmoss headed for the rail.

The next hand Chattha was sent home too. His all-in bet with {a-}{2-} was called by the pocket sixes of Panyi, the sixes held and the tournament had lost two players in very quick succession.

Sam Patel was the next player to fall, his fourth place finish awarding him £23,100, and when Claudio Cambianica opened to 10 times the big blind with {5-}{5-} and then called Panyi’s shove – which he had made with {9-}{9-} – and the board ran out {q-}{q-}{7-}{k-}{4-} heads-up was set.

Panyi went into the one-on-one battle with 3,675,000 chips to Ramey Shaio’s 1,575,000 and that gulf in chips proved to be a little too much for Shaio. The final hand of the tournament did see Shaio get his chips in good with {a-}{6-} against the {k-Hearts}{q-Hearts} of Panyi, but a queen showed up on the flop to eliminate Shaio and leave Panyi as the GPS Grand Final Champion.

Genting Poker Series Grand Final Final Table Results

1Elliott Panyi£75,200
2Ramey Shaio£44,200
3Caludio Cambianica£28,400
4Sam Patel£23,100
5Charles Chattha£18,500
6Stefan Witmoss£14,500

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