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Simon Deadman Wins GUKPT Blackpool Main Event For £49,290

Simon Deadman

The popular seaside town of Blackpool was the venue for the latest £1,070 Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT), one of the most eagerly anticipated legs on the GUKPT calendar. This year a 173-strong crowd descended on the Lancashire tourist spot, creating a prize pool of £173,000 in the GUKPT Blackpool Main Event, the lion’s share of which finding its way into the coffers of Simon Deadman.

Amongst the 173 starters were some of the United Kingdom’s most recognisable players including the legendary Dave ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott, Mike Hill, former World Series of Poker Main Event final tablist Jon Kalmar and John Eames; although none of those players would make it through to the money.

Just 70 players managed to survive Day 1 and that number was reduced to 12 by the time Da 2 came to an end. Those 12 players returned to the G Casino Sandcastle on Sunday afternoon to play out for the title of GUKPT Blackpool champion.

Stuart Rutter, a GUKPT sponsored pro, had cashed five times on the GUKPT circuit and on each of those occasions he had reached the final table – winning once in Coventry in 2010 – but this fantastic record was ended when the short-stacked Rutter was eliminated in 11th place by the eventual champion, Deadman.

When Paul Marple lost a crucial hand against Jack Sandford to bust out in 10th place the official final table was set, and they lined up as follows:

1Wahid Patel218,500
2Jack Sandord752,000
3Simon Deadman441,700
4Rob Boon557,400
5Trevor Reardon96,600
6Justin Sevilla213,000
7Luke Reeves921,200
8Sue Cheetham15,500
9Ian Gascoigne240,500

The first player eliminated from the final table was Sue Cheetham whose exit meant the tournament became an all-male affair. Cheetham started the final table very low on chips and although she managed to double up, her {8-}{7-} was no match for the {A-}{q-} of Luke Reeves and she was sent for the proverbial early bath.

Next to go was Trevor Reardon who found himself all in against Rob Boon in a battle of the blinds. Reardon held the strong {A-}{Q-} but was a substantial underdog to the dominating {A-}{K-} of Boom. Reardon flopped a flush draw but the “Big Slick” of Boon held and Reardon’s tournament brought to an abrupt end.

Seven became six when Reeves cracked the pocket kings of Justin Sevilla when he paired the ace of his {A-}{J-} to bust Sevilla from the final table in cruel circumstances. Ian Gascoigne followed Sevilla to the rail after a clash with Deadman, who then doubled up through the then chip leader Reeves to claim the chip lead for himself.

Wahid Patel then attempted to steal the blinds with {Q-}{8-} only for Jack Sandford to correctly defend with {K-}{J-}. No lady or snowman were amongst the five community cards and Patel was sent packing.

Soon after Deadman continued to chip up with alarming regularity, helping himself to the stack of former chip leader Reeves when he flopped a flush and was paid off handsomely on all three streets. Deadman continued his one-man wrecking spree when play was three handed, claiming the scalp of Boom when his pocket sixes were best on a {Q-}{Q-}{3-} flop.

Boon’s demise saw the tournament reach the heads-up stage and the momentum was with Deadman and his 3:1 chip advantage. Deadman managed to get Sandford to commit his stack on a {10-}{9-}{5-}{2-} board only to show him pocket nines for a flopped set. Sandford was drawing dead and Deadman had won his first GUKPT title.

GUKPT Blackpool final table results

1Simon Deadman£49,290
2Jack Sandford£34,170
3Robert Boon£21,190
4Lucas Reeves£12,980
5Wahid Patel£9,950
6Ian Gascoigne£8,220
7Bernard Sevilla£6,490
8Trevor Reardon£4,760
9Susan Cheetham£3,460

The GUKPT now heads to the famous Victoria Grosvenor Casino on Nov. 30 for the £2,500 Grand Final.

Lead image courtesy of GUKPT

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