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JP Poker Mini WSOP Results; Chris O'Connor Wins Main Event

Chris O'Connor

The JP Poker Mini WSOP kicked off on Oct. 28 and ran through to Nov. 4, during which time over €82,000 was played for over the course of nine events.

The highlight of the festival was the €350 Main Event that attracted a crowd of 160 runners who were eventually outlasted by Chris O’Connor. The final hand of the Main Event saw O’Connor (pictured) open to 180,000 and Liam O’Donoghue three-bet all-in for 1,335,000 in total. O’Connor eventually made the call and showed {A-Hearts}{5-Hearts} to discover he was behind o his opponent’s {A-Spades}{9-Clubs}. That was until the flop cam down {5-Spades}{10-Spades}{8-Spades}, O’Connor’s pair of five nudging in front, but O’Donoghue still had plenty of outs to an ace, nine or spade. Amazingly, none of them appeared as the turn and river were the {k-Diamonds} and {6-Diamonds} respectively to bust out O’Donoghue and crown O’Connor the champion.

Here are the results of the entire festival, a little later than anticipated, but here nonetheless.

Event #1: €120 Monthly Deepstack (43 entrants)

1TJ Tracey€1305
2Chris Rourke€850
3Willie O’Hora€635
4Dominic Leech€425
5Paul Quinn€315
6Gary Kelly€230
7Mark Kenny€190
9Michael Mason€145

Event #2: €100 Poker Triathlon (40 entrants)

1Martin Doyle€1,570
2Sulaiman Sesay€850
3JP Mc Cann€490
4Paul Mc Caffrey€490
5Ray Gunn€100
6Warren Hannigan€100

Event #3: €100 ROE (43 entrants)

1Chris O’Connor€1,100
2Mick Mahony€890
3Joe O’Neill€890
4Eddie Kavanagh€385
5Mark Mc Keever€305
6Rolf Woods€100
7Pat Ryan€100
8Willie O’Hora€100

Event #4: €150 6-Max (63 entrants)

1Joe O’Neill€2675
2Tim Farrelly€1685
3Nick Morrison€1275
4Darren Mc Guinness€850
5Georgre Mc Mahon€635
6Rory Brown€465
7Colin Hammond€380
8David Masters€340
9Mick Mahony€200

Event #5: €350 Main Event (160 entrants)

1Chris O’Connor€11,640
2Liam O’Donoghue€8,060
3Stephen Mc Lean€6,120
4Jamie Browne€4,535
5Mahmood Rasheed€3,020
6Mick McCloskey€2,520
7Hannu Korva€2,015
8Padraig Burns€1,510
9Simon O’Hora€1,260
10Val Gabriel€1,130
11Tom Finneran€1,130
12Henry Port€1,130
13Liam Chevalier€1,080
14Martin Doyle€1,080
15David Masters€1,080
16Wes Farrell€1,030
17Kenneth Ralph€1,030
18John Hanaphy€1,030

Event #6: €150 Deepstack (61 entrants)

1Dean Denson€2,000
2Ian Ronan€1,675
3Colin Fardey€1,110
4Sadie O’Reilly€790
5Fran Macari€590
6Eoin McCann€435
7Tony Baitson€355
8Stephen Reardon€315
9David Kinlan€275
10Andy Earle€235
11Darren McGuinness€150

Event #7: €150 Heads-Up (4 entrants)

1Colm Hanlon€600

Event #8: €200 Mixed 8-Game (6 entrants)

1Ronan Gallagher€715
2Gavin Bollard€365

Event #9: €80 Turbo (25 entrants)

1Graham Fox€665
2John Duffy€450
3Carl Scott€250
4Jason Kett€175
5Brian Hayden€140
6Lorraine Duggan€70

Player of the Festival

1Chris O’Connor367.50
2Joe O’Neill285.475
3TJ Tracy198.75
4Liam O’Donoghue185.625
5Martin Doyle148.75

Lead image courtesy of Irish Poker Boards

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