Basharat “Bash” Mahmood Wins DTD 500 Deepstack

Basharat Mahmood

This weekend saw the Dusk Till Dawn poker club host their 150 Deepstack and 500 Deepstack side-by-side, and once again they ran a fantastic show that will be remembered fondly by all who participated, especially the two players who won their respective events.

DTD 500 Deepstack

Day 2 of the £500+£60 Deepstack saw 36 players take their seats in the vast tournament area, each of them knowing only 27 of them would make it into the money places. Nobody likes to be the bubble boy, but the very nature of tournament poker means someone has to be and that someone in this event was none other than James Atkin.

According to the live updates provided by the Blonde Poker team, Atkin opened with a raise whilst holding what turned out to be {9-}{8-}. Tom High three-bet him for the second hand in a row and this time Atkin fought back and four-bet all-in for around 150,000 chips. Unfortunately for Atkin, High held pocket tens, which held, and Atkin busted in 28th place and burst the bubble.

After Atkin’s demise the likes of Nicholas Crisp (24th), Marcin Milde (23rd) and Fraser Bellamy (15th) hit the fet and when popular pro James Keys was eliminated in 10th place the final table was set.

One by one the final tablists lost their stacks, Tom Rutter, the controversial Joseph Johnson, Karl Caldeira, Alli Mallu, Michael Howard, Nick Hicks and Glyn Cooke busting out to leave Sunil Mistri and Basharat Mahmood to battle it out heads-up for the title and the £26,299.00 first place prize.

The one-on-one battle went Mahmood’s way and the Dusk Till Dawn regular scooped the largest cash of his career by far. Mahmood is a popular figure at the Nottingham club and having played with him myself, I can attest that he is a great character and his extremely loose-aggressive style a royal pain to play against!

DTD 500 Deepstack final table results

1Basharat Mahmood£26,299.00
2Sunil Mistri£15,197.00
3Glyn Cooke£9,100.00
4Nick Hicks£6,370.00
5Michael Howard£5,005.00
6Alli Mallu£4,095.00
7Karl Caldeira£3,640.00
8Joseph Johnson£2,912.00
9Tom Rutter£2,457.00

DTD 150 Deepstack

The £150+£18 Deepstack attracted a total of 218 runners, creating a prize pool of £32,700. This money was paid out to the top 36 finishers so spare a moment to think of how miserable Stefania Judge was on Sunday night. Yes, Judge busted out in 37th spot and burst the money bubble.

Judge’s exit meant everyone still in the tournament had locked up £300, but with each elimination the £7,694.63 champion’s prize drew ever closer.

The final table was set when Domonic Cugudda was sent to the rail and he was followed first by Ceri Rees then by Jacob Bruges, Mark Briggs, Mark C Smith, Craig Sweden, Nadim Sarwar, James Robert Turner and at 02:20 in the morning David Manning. Manning’s exit left Ramazanali Abbassi as the last man standing, the latest man to win the 150 Deepstack at the Dusk Till Dawn Club.

DTD 150 Deepstack final table results

1Ramazanali Abbassi£7,694.63
2David Manning£4,446.38
3James Robert Turner£2,662.50
4Nadim Sarwar£1,863.75
5Craig Sweden£1,464.38
6Mark C Smith£1,198.13
7Mark Briggs£1,065.00
8Jacob Bruges£852.00
9Ceri Rees£718.88

Lead image courtesy of Blonde Poker

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