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Poker Mirrors Life, Mirrors Poker


When people talk about the games they play they often give examples of how the skills required to succeed in their game of choice can be transferred into every day life. If you are visiting these pages then there is little doubt that you are a fan of poker, but are you aware of how much of this amazing game actually mirrors every day life?

Bankroll Management Is Crucial

In all walks of life it is extremely important to follow strict bankroll management or, as they call it in the non-poker world, budgeting. Aside from a lack of skill, the number one reason that poker players go broke is by failing to play with an adequate cushion behind them to soak up the inevitable losses. Overspend and live outside of your means away from the felt and you will soon see how difficult life can be when you are strapped for cash.

You Need To Continually Improve

Poker is a game that is constantly evolving. What was once a new move or play quickly becomes old hat within a few weeks or months. The better players adapt and adapt quickly by learning new techniques and skills and by continually striving to be the best by improving their game through study. In online poker especially there are hundreds of players who used to be revered as superstars but where are they now? They failed to improve so the game and their peers left them behind and they have simply never caught up.

Be A Go-Getter If You Want To Succeed

Whilst some folks are lucky and their dream job or opportunity just falls into their lap, for the most part you must be prepared to put yourself out there and take what you want if you want to succeed in life. This runs very true in poker in that the best and most successful players in the business are all aggressive. Yes, passive players sometimes win by the very nature of the game but by being aggressive at the tables gives you more channels to win via and increases your chances of coming out of a battle as a winner.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Bluffing is an integral part of poker but one that is also overused and misused. Whilst you must bluff, you need to ensure that the frequency is such that it does not arouse suspicion from your opponents otherwise it will render your bluffs useless. Whilst we do not advocate lying in your everyday life there are situations that require. However, gain a reputation as a liar and you will struggle to shake off that unwanted tag. Look at the parable “The Boy Who Cried Wolf,” for a perfect example of taking lying too far; don't get eaten!

If You Can't Make Friends, Do Not Make Enemies

As you well know, there is no such thing as friends at the poker table but this does not mean that you should make enemies with your opponents. By being courteous and polite at the tables, even in the face of adversity, you will quickly gain a reputation as being one of the good guys. This does not need to mean you are not a fearless opponent, far from it.

But, if you consistently rant at bad beats, kick off with opponents at every opportunity then you run the risk of putting a he target on your back and open yourself up to attack. Nobody likes a loudmouth, everyone likes to stack a loudmouth though!

The best example I can think of from everyday life would be old adage “be careful who you piss off on the way up, because you may just meet them again on your way back down!”

How many more examples of life and poker going hand in hand can you think of?

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