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Blackjack Gets a Makeover with

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A while back we came across a group of card players building a player-versus-player version of blackjack. We tested the alpha version and liked what we saw. They have finally completed the product and it's now live at

From vsJack’s perspective, blackjack, one of the great card games, is stuck in the casino pits and rigged against the players. Online it’s in even worse shape. Blackjack has never felt more like a slot machine than in the online versions all over the web.


The guys at vsJack are breaking blackjack out of the casino. At you play against other players, there is no house or bank, just you and other players fighting for pots. Why would you want to play a player-versus-player version of blackjack? Because, just like poker, you can beat other players.


With no bank in the game someone has to be the dealer. That means you. The dealer position rotates around the table. In vsJack’s version of blackjack there are no dealer rules, you are free to hit on 17 or stand on 16. Play however you think you need to play to win.


A rotating dealer position, and a dealer with no rules means there are totally new strategies open to you. The game requires the same math skills that good, classic blackjack demands, but on top of that you have to look at the whole table. The way the player to your left plays will change your whole hand. If he busts you may get a dealer to stand at 14, which means a win with your 15.

It will be interesting to see if this takes off. We will keep an eye on it as well as dig into the game mechanics to get back to you with more details and strategies.

Try it out at and let us know what you think of the game.

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