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Rod Albright Wins GUKPT Plymouth Deepstack

Rod Albright (Photo: GUKPT)

The Grosvenor UK Poker Tour (GUKPT) stopped off in Plymouth last week for the seventh stop of this season's tour but it was the weekend's Main Event that really stirred up the most excitement amongst the tour's regular players and the poker loving locals.

The £500 No Limit Hold'em freezeout saw players start with a huge stack containing 1,000 big blinds so it was no wonder it took over four and a half hours for the tournament to lose its first player. From that point the field of 76 runners gradually decreased in size and the £38,000 prize pool was getting closer and close to being distributed.

The money was supposed to start being paid out once the nine-handed final table had been reached but the last 10 players decided to do a “bubble saver” and award the eventual tenth place finisher £250. That player was Kev O'Donnell who got his stack in with {A-}{J-} against the {K-}{K-} of Anthony Taylor and could not find any help from the board.

GUKPT Plymouth Final Table

1Phil Pattenden-Oxenham181,000
2Ben Young389,000
3Vincent Calenti653,100
4Fei Yue271,000
5Anthony Taylor563,000
6Alan Parsons234,000
7Rod Albright256,700
8Arkadiusz Sinkiewicz695,000
9Joanne Ramsden554,000

Ben Young was the first player to bust out from the final table when he could not improve against Fei Yue's set of sixes and he was kept company on the sidelines by Anthony Taylor shortly afterwards.

Seventh place went to Alan Parson and his exit was not followed by another for over four hours thanks to the deepstacked nature of this amazing event. Eventually something had to give and it did in the shape of Phil Pattenden-Oxenham at the hands of Yue.

The eliminations of Vincent Calenti and Arkadiusz Sinkiewicz then took place, both at the hands of Yue and both with Yue holding pocket aces to leave Yue with a substantial chip lead with just three players left in the field. That lead was cut somewhat when Albright busted the last woman standing, Joanne Ramsden, in third place but he still trailed Yue by at least 2:1 in chips.

The heads-up section of the tournament started off with the players trading small blows but then the pots started to become huge and the chip lead swung between both players; but it was Rod Albright who started to come off the better of the two. The final hand saw Yue open to 200,000 and Albright make the call. The flop came down {4-}{6-}{Q-} and both players checked. The turn was another {6-} and this time Yue bet 240,000 and Albright opted to call. A {2-} fell on the river and Yue checked to his opponent who then asked how many chips he had left and the answer was around 600,000. Albright then moved all-ion and Yung called only to see Albright's {6-Spades}{4-Spades} had turned a full house and it was all over, Alrbight had won GUKPT Plymouth!

GUKPT Plymouth Final Table Results

1Rod Albrigh£11,900
2Fei Yue£8,450
3Joanne Ramsden£5,600
4Arkadiusz Sinkiewicz£3,300
5Vincent Calenti£2,650
6Phil Pattenden-Oxenham£2,000
7Alan Parsons£1,600
8Buck Taylor£1,350
9Ben Young£1,150

The GUKPT next stops off in Bolton between Jul 15-23 for the latest £500 Deepstack and the plethora of side events that usually take place.

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