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James Harcourt Wins Dusk Till Dawn Poker League Live Final

James Harcourt (Photo: Dusk Till Dawn)

James Harcourt won £1,385 as he overcame a 377 player strong field in the Inaugural Dusk Till Dawn Poker League Final
This weekend saw the first ever Dusk Till Dawn Poker League Live Final. Over the past 12 weeks 40 venues have been running an internal league, qualifying players into the national final based on a points scheme. A total of 377 players were in attendance on Sunday 1st July at Dusk Till Dawn. All qualifiers were greeted with a breakfast buffet before play getting underway at 12pm.
There was a great atmosphere for this event, and you could almost feel the excitement and nerves radiating from the tables. The first player to be eliminated was Chris Jones who took defeat gracefully, despite only having a seat for a grand total of four minutes.
Players were competing for cash prizes, ranging from £1,500 for a 1st place finish and £25 for finishing 36th. Unfortunately there had to be a bubble boy, this was Ian Brown who finished in 37th place.
As we got closer and closer to the final table the rail was growing, with everyone getting behind the players from their local venues. The final table of eight players was being streamed live on the Dusk Till Dawn website, Danielle Mclaren was the unlucky player to be eliminated in 9th place, as she was all in with {9-}{9-} just to be up against the {K-}{K-} of Terry Mitchell.
When players joined the final table, Simon Trumper announced names and poker venues of players as they sat down. It was also announced that the winner of the best performing venue was The Crown Inn, although a big congratulations must also go to Cricketers in Kimberley, Notts which had two players (Terry Mitchell and Jonathan Hicking) at the final table.
All of these players had now won a trophy by finishing in the top eight, but were hoping to go for the win. Deals were allowed in this event, but £300 had to be left for the eventual winner. As we lost players deals were negotiated, but were not agreed on until we were heads-up between James Harcourt and Terry Mitchell. James Harcourt with the chip lead had locked up £1,085, Mitchell with £865, leaving an additional £300 and the title of Dusk Till Dawn Poker League champion.
Play was strong heads-up, not going to many flops but the winner was finally decided as Harcourt opened the button, Mitchell shoved with {Q-}{5-} and Harcourt snap called with {a-}{a-}. Despite a Queen on the flop Aces held, crowning Harcourt champion!
We caught up with James after the event:
“I’m really glad to have won, I had only played five games and finished 4th in my local league. The atmosphere today was incredible. I’m hoping to spend the money on a new iPad and will most definitely play the next event, I loved playing at my local as the Dusk Till Dawn equipment is great and the incentive of the chance to win £1,500 is huge”.
Visit for full details on the league.
League 2 of the Dusk Till Dawn Poker League is already underway with league 3 due to start this month. If you or your venue would like to be part of an upcoming league please email

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