Christopher Murtagh Wins DTD £150 Deepstack

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Chris Murtagh will have woken up this morning with a huge smile on his face after he outlasted a field of 204 runners in the Dusk Till Dawn £150 Deepstack, netting himself a cool £9,945 for his efforts.

Unlike previous £150 Deepstack events, this one was played to a frezeout structure; the DTD management doing away with the popular re-entry format for this tournament. We asked players to head to the Nottingham-based club and support the decision and you answered the rallying cry as the 204 players who entered pushed the prize pool over the £30,000 guarantee by £600.

The money bubble burst halfway through Sunday's Day 2 and it was John Fake who was the last man to leave the Dusk Till Dawn poker club empty handed. He was one of the shortest stacks in the field and decided to move all-in with {A-}{8-}. Unfortunately for him he ran straight into the dominating {A-}{K-} of Mike Dao, which held, and Fake was sent to the rail. His exit meant every player who still had chips in front of them had locked up £306 for their efforts.

Three hours after the bubble burst the official eight-handed final table was set (the final table is reached at nine players but the DTD uses eight as the official final table due to their live streaming). Here is how they lined up eight-handed, with the blinds about to increase to 20,000/40,000.

1Mat Jones806,000
2Luke Bayliss448,000
3Nicholas McEvoy1,007,000
4Karl Whinkless725,000
5Imran McKenzie721,000
6Jav Javed590,000
7Christopher Murtagh1,452,000
8Nilufer Gunay373,000

Thirty minutes in and the table lost its first player. Luke Bayliss found himself down to 330,000 chips and when the action folded around to him in the small blind he moved all-in with what turned out to be {4-Spades}{2-Spades}. Nicholas McEvoy made the call with {A-}{6-} and when neither player improved by the river Bayliss' tournament was over and done with.

Another half hour past before Jav Javed lost his stack and became the seventh place finisher. The blinds had increased again and Javed was a micro stack with 320,000 chips. He must have been delighted to look down at {A-}{9-} as it would have looked like a monster hand. He will have been even more happy to see McEvoy call with a dominated {A-Spades}{2-Spades} but not so pleased to see the board run out {Q-}{j-}{7-Spades}{3-Spades}{9-Spades} to give McEvoy a flush.

Almost immediately after Javed's demise came Imran McKenzie's exit. Once again McEvoy was in the thick of it, this time opening to 140,000 then calling when McKenzie three-bet all-in for 440,000 in total. McEvoy turned over {K-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds} to the {A-Spades}{Q-Spades} of McKenzie and for the briefest of moments it looked like McKenzie had doubled up as the board ran out {6-Diamonds}{6-}{6-Spades}{5-Spades}{7-Spades} but that seven of spades on the river not only improved Mckenzie to a flush but also McEvoy to a full house. The tournament was down to five player and McEvoy held around half of the chips in play.

Fifth place was decided within minutes of McKenzie's bust-out, Nilufer Gunay joining him on the sidelines. It turned out to be a typical coinflip with Gunay shoving for 355,000 on the button and Mat Jones making the call in the small blind. Gunay flipped over {K-}{J-} and was up against the pocket sixes of Jones. A third six on the flop was more than enough to seal the deal for Jones and Gunay was eliminated.

Amazingly, despite holding the majority of chips for a long period of time McEvoy was the next to fall. First he lost a massive pot to Murtagh with {K-Spades}{Q-Spades} versus pocket aces and he then ran into the same player and the same hand when holding pocket eights. No third eight was anywhere to be seen and McEvoy headed to the cashier's cage to pick up fourth place money when he would have thought he was a shoe-in for the winner's bounty. That, as they say folks, is poker.

With a huge chip advantage Murtagh constantly applied pressure and the other two short stacked players seemed to be employing the same strategy of hoping the other ran into Murtagh at some point. That happened at just before midnight when Karl Whinkless moved all-in with {A-}{9-} and Murtagh called with {A-}{10-}. The board ran out {k-}{k-}{10-}{q-}{k-} and heads-up was set.

Heads-up last exactly one hand and saw Murtagh crack aces He moved al-in with {Q-Diamonds}{6-Diamonds} and Jones called with pocket rockets. There was to be no double up though because the queen Murtagh flopped was joined by another on the rail and he became the latest players to win the DTD 150 Deepstack.

The same tournament runs again this weekend, again carrying a £30,000 guarantee, so if you missed out on glory this time around head down to Dusk Till Dawn and take part in the next edition of what is a fantastic tournament.

DTD 150 Deepstack Final Table Results

1Christopher Murtagh£9,945.00
2Mat Jones£5,814.00
3Karl Whinkless£3,488.40
4Nicholas McEvoy£2,448.00
5Nilufer Gunay£1,836.00
6Imran McKenzie£1,377.00
7Jav Javed£1,071.00
8Luke Bayliss£765.00
9Matt Russell£612.00

Live reporting from Blonde Poker were used in compiling this article

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