2019 World Series of Poker

Video Vault: World Series of Poker Week #3

Each week we are handpicking our favorite four videos from around the hallways of the 43rd Annual World Series of Poker.

Phil Hellmuth

How can this week's highlights not begin with Phil Hellmuth? The man who has pushed the world record of bracelets out even further for anyone else to catch up to him. He made headlines this week, and for good reason.

Although, Hellmuth earned a mention in this week's Video Vault for more than one reason. While he gave such a humble interview above, the guy left me hanging earlier in the week. Check that out, plus a whole lot more with Kristy Arnett in The Straddle.

PokerNews Weekly

If you haven't been glued to our updates here on PokerNews and you're feeling a little out of date with the news, then check out the following video with Kristy and Sarah Grant to get back up to speed.

Explain This

This is definitely one of my favorite series of videos on PokerNews, firstly because it's so fun trolling player's social media accounts to pick out the most entertaining pictures, and then it's even better having them explain them. This week Maria Ho is in the spotlight.

One of the pictures in Maria's Explain This was about a "Poker Punk'ed" that Melissa Castello set up on her back in 2009. This video still makes me laugh so hard - Melissa's brother Joe Castello did such an awesome job. It's a must watch.

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