Potentially Huge Overlay In The DTD 500

Simon Trumper will look even grumpier than this at the end of today if the guarantee is not met!

Maybe it is the weather, maybe people have bank holiday plans. Maybe poker players do not want to play tournament that uses the World Series of Poker Main Event structure for just £500 or maybe they are all just a little bit crazy. Whatever the reason it all adds up to one thing; a potentially huge overlay at this month's DTD 500 Deepstack.

Just 85 players turned out for yesterday's Day 1a and this means at least 248 players have to come out of the woodwork today to meet the £150,000 guarantee - as Simon Trumper of Dusk Till Dawn explains.

Day 1a of the £150,000 guaranteed, £500 buy in WSOP Warm Up with 30,000 chips, a 1 hour clock and the $10,000 WSOP Main Event structure got just 85 entries, to break even we need 248 entries tomorrow which equates to 215 uniques and 33 re entries or approx triple the uniques we had today, that means we currently have a £100,000 overlay !!!! Usually we get double the day 1a turnout, should this happen we will end up with a total of 255 giving us a shortfall of approx £35,000.

We also have the two 5 x £9000 WSOP packages guaranteed Sunday and Monday so if these drop in figures continue these could be the easiest Vegas packages ever won.

Tonights £100 Meg Sat in the club produced 11 £500 winners who have the option to play Day 1b of the Warm Up or one of the Mega Sats, the weekend ones will obviously just be for the WSOP package sats, we need 100 entries in each to break even, i predict a minimum 30 players shortfall in both.

On Monday i will be playing the Mega Sat, should i win a package i will play the $10,000 Main Event and the 50 players with the most visits to the club this year will each have 1% of me.

Hope some of you will make the effort to support the club this weekend.



So if you needed an excuse to pop your Dusk Till Dawn cherry you may as well do it today! Superb structure, massive prizes, a lack of professional players due to the WSOP in Vegas and a potential overlay. You know you want to!

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