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Big Pay Day For Brits In The PokerStars SCOOP: Sam Grafton Takes Home Over $230,000

Sam "SamSquid" Grafton

Yesterday was a good day at the virtual felt for a number of UK & Ireland poker players as the first two events of the 2012 Spring Championship Of Online Poker came to a conclusion. It was a case of so near yet so far for a number of our players but once the disappointing of narrowly missing out on a SCOOP title wears off the huge number of zeros on their PokerStars account balances will probably cheer them up some what.

Event #1: No Limit Hold'em Six max

We only had one UK & Ireland representative in Day 2 of the $27 (Low) edition of Event #1, a thehempy. He fought valiantly before busting out in 29th place for a score of $1,435.50. Although he couldn't progress much further on the SCOOP Day 2 he did finish as the runner up in a $22 rebuy for over $10,500! Congrats that man!

The $215 (Medium) version was much kinder to our boys because not only did our adopted Brit Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen finish in 10th place we also had three players on the final table including the eventual winner Heminsley. The last remaining four players struck a deal and Heminsley went on to become the official winner, bagging himself $123,868.99 in the process. One other player made it to the final table with Heminsley, jonwayne69 (4th), whilst currie7 (8th) fell just short. jonwayne69 benefiting from the deal by picking up more than $90,000 when fourth spot originally paid out around $51,000.

The $2,100 (High) event was attracting much interest simply because of the huge prizes involved and, of course, the field was packed with stars of the online poker world. We had two players go extremely deep in this event, Fiskin1 falling in eighth place for just shy of $32,000 but he was outlasted by raidalot who almost went all the way before busting out in third place for a cool $156,800.00

Event #2: No Limit Hold'em

Unfortunately we did not have any players on the final table of the $27 (Low) buy-in version of Event #2 but we have to say congratulations to Mafews who almost made it there but ultimate finished in 11th place for a $2,634.93 score.

The $215 buy-in edition was a similar story with our highest ranking player, dean6745 seeing his tournament come to an abrupt end in 14th place, a finish good for just shy of $6,900. A big shout out to the London-based Swede whose name you may have heard of before, a certain Team PokerStars Pro called Viktor "Isildur1" Blom who took down the tournament for a payout of $247,200.00.

The $2,100 buy-in (High) was an absolutely thrilling tournament that cemented the UK's claim to being the home to the best online tournament players in the world. We not only had RLOG finish in 18th place but we also had Toby "810ofclubs"Lewis reach the final table before busting in seventh place for a score just shy of $61,000. Lewis was outlasted by one other Brit, ironically his own horse, Sam "SamSquid" Grafton who despite finishing in third place took home the most money, $234,194.06 thanks to a five-way deal that was made.

This is an absolutely fantastic start for UK & Ireland poker players in the SCOOP and let's hope it is just the first of many huge score for our boys and girls during this festival.

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