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George Alexander Wins Fox Poker Club London Calling Main Event

George Alexander (Photo: Fox Poker Club)

The Fox Poker Club ran their London Calling Main Event over the Easter weekend and it will be fondly remembered by all who took part, especially the eventual winner George Alexander.

Alexander has a number of cashes in the capital including a recent 49th place finish in the Genting Poker Series second leg held at the Fox Poker Club. That particular result netted him £860 but this latest score, awarded for his first-ever win, tops the scales at £14,000.

By the time registration closed there were 95 entries, which meant the club had to add £2,500 to the prize pool to make up the £50,000 guarantee. This £50,000 was shared out amongst the top 10 finishers, a min-cash being worth £1,250.

That amount was picked up by Joseph Pritchard and the money gradually increased with the eliminations of Mattia Miraglio, Thanh Pham, Bernard Litman, George Hassabis, William Whicher and Kenny King. When King was sent to the rail both Alexander and his heads up opponent, Daniel Gallagher, struck a deal to even out the final two prizes slightly by taking £1,550 from first and awarding it to the eventual runner-up.

That runner-up was Gallagher, the match decided after less than 20-minutes of play. Going into heads-up Gallagher held a narrow 1,067,000 to 974,000 chip advantage over Alexander but the latter won a huge pot that crippled his opponent. The chips went flying in on a {5-Diamonds}{J-Diamonds}{K-Spades} flop, Alexander holding {K-Hearts}{10-Hearts} for top pair and Gallagher {A-Clubs}{J-Hearts} for second pair. The turn and river were the {8-Hearts} and {4-Hearts} respectively and Gallagher was left with dust.

His micro-stack went into the middle a few hands later with {K-Clubs}{2-Hearts} but lost to the {10-Clubs}{7-Clubs} of Alexander and with that the London Calling Main Event drew to a close.

Fox Poker Club London Calling Main Event Results

1stGeorge Alexander£14,000
2ndDaniel Gallagher£11,500
3rdKenny King£6,750
4thWilliam Whicher£5,000
5thNeil Mcculloch£3,750
6thGeorge Hassabis£3,000
7thBernard Litman£2,000
8thThanh Pham£1,500
9thMattia Miraglio£1,250
10thJoseph Pritchard£1,250

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