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Tom Langley Wins MegaPokerSeries Nottingham

Tom Langley (Photo: MegaPokerSeries / Christian Zetzsche)

Tom Langley has been crowned the champion of the Poker770 sponsored MegaPokerSeries Nottingham Main Event after four gruelling days of high octane poker action. Langley overcame a strong and talented final table to walk away with the first place prize of £35,770.

Up until this event Langley's largest cash stood at £3,785 though he also had two other scores of £3,750 and £3,714 but now he has smashed his record almost ten-fold after taking down this superbly run tournament. Langley, known as mt.spewmore on PokerStars, was delighted to have emerged victorious after he acknowledged he was not the best player on the final table by far. Shortly after the tournament had ended Langley wrote on his Twitter account:

The "sickos" who Langley was referring to were the likes Charles "Chaz" Chatta, Daniel Morgan, Poker770 Pro Julian Herold and Langley's heads-up opponent Andrew Hulme. And let's not forget that Simon Deadman, Nick Dhondt and Sarbjit Kular all reached the eight handed final table on merit and any one of the eight final table members would have been a worthy champion; as it is it's Langley who is the latest winner on this popular tour.

Despite not being the most experienced player at the final table Langley stuck to his guns, played some great poker and eventually claimed the title as his own. He found himself heads up against Hulme with a 12,000,000 to 5,000,000 chip advantage but it took an entire 77-minute level for the tournament to be completed. The final hand saw Hulme all-in and at risk holding {A-Diamonds}{J-Spades} to Langley's {K-Hearts}{9-Hearts}. The flop came down {8-Clubs}{5-Hearts}{10-Hearts}, the turn was the {9-Diamonds} an the river the {K-Spades} to bust Hulme and leave Langley as the last man standing.

MegaPokerSeries Nottingham Results

1Tom Langley£35,770
2Andrew Hulme£21,070
3Julian Herold£13,120
4Daniel Morgan£9,230
5Sarbjit Kular£7,500
6Charles Chattha£5,190
7Nick Dhondt£4,040
8Simon Deadman£2,890

The tour next stops in Madrid in a couple of month's time and you could be there by qualifying for a MegaPokerSeries package on Poker770. If you do not already have an account with one of the biggest sites on the iPoker Network simply download Poker770 through PokerNews, enter the bonus code UKPKRNEWS and help yourslef to a 200% up to $200 first deposit bonus.

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