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MegaPokerSeries Nottingham Reaches Final Table

MegaPokerSeries (Photo: MegaPokerSeries / Christian Zetzsche)

The Poker770 sponsored MegaPokerSeries Nottingham Main Event has reached the final table after the 36 surviving players who returned to the Dusk Till Dawn poker club yesterday afternoon were whittled down to just eight. When play resumes this afternoon the man in pole position is Tom Langley with 3,518,000 chips at his disposal.

Langley has a number of impressive results in low to mid-stakes live tournaments and now looks set to crush his largest-ever score by the time the curtain comes down on play in this event. Langley has three scores of more than £3,700 in the past eight months two of which were earned at the Dusk Till Dawn club where this tournament is taking place; could that be an omen? Langley's biggest cash currently stands at £3,785 which he was awarded for winning the £100 buy-in One Way Poker Northampton Main Event in November 2011.

One player who is bound to push Langley all the way is the second placed Andrew Hulme, who although has not really been able to make it happen on the live poker circuit so far has some fantastic results in the online arena where he is better known as stato_1. On PokerStars alone he has won more than $380,000 so he certainly knows what he is doing at the felt and is definitely one to watch when play restarts at 13:00 this afternoon.

Whilst we have talked about the two men occupying the top two spots in the chip counts it would be unfair not to mention the other six players who have managed to navigate through this tough and talented field. Each of them has reached the final table on merit and realistically any one of them could walk away with the win in Nottingham.

In chip order the are Poker770 pro Julian Herold (2,746,000), Daniel Morgan (2,700,000), Sarbjit Kular (1,941,000), Simon Deadman (1,781,000), Nick Dhondt (716,000) and Charles "Chaz" Chattha (641,000).

When play restarts at 13:00 the players will completed the 13:48 left of Level 22 which means the blinds and antes are 15,000/30,000/4,000 and the average chip count is 2,184,875. The players are guaranteed £2,890 for their efforts so far but one of them will walk away with the £35,770 first place prize.

Before we go we have to give a special mention to James "Epitomised " Atkin who seems to run worse than even this humble scribbler! Atkin was all set to make a final table appearance but managed to run his pocket jacks into the queens of Herold to bust out in 10th place. GG sir.

MegaPokerSeries Nottingham Final Table Seat Draw

1Simon Deadman1,781,000
2Nick Dhondt716,000
3Tom Langley3,518,000
4Sarbjit Kular1,941,000
5Charles Chatta641,000
6Andrew Hulme3,443,000
7Julian Herold2,746,000
8Daniel Morgan2,700,000

You can follow the final table action on the MegaPokerSeries blog but make sure you check back in here tomorrow to discover who our champion is.

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