Jason Tompkins Wins European Deepstack High Roller Event

Jason Tompkins (Photo: d4 Events)

Ireland's Jason Tompkins has won the European Deepstacks Tour High Roller event on home soil after beating a final table that was home to three British pros in John Eames, Dan Carter and Max Silver.

The eight handed final table lost a player early on Marc McDonnell being the first to leave the feature table when he made trip aces with his {A-}{9-} but Tim Farrelly had made a flush as the board contained four spades and he held {K-Spades}{K-}.

Around half hour later the first of the Brits busted out. Dan Carter five bet shoved with {A-}{Q-} and ran straight into the {A-}{K-} of Tony Rodrigues. The board ran out nine-high and Carter was sent for an early bath whilst Rodrigues climbed to 200,000 chips.

Amazingly Rodrigues was eliminated himself an hour or so later. He entered a raising war with Andrew Hulme that resulted in him being all in and at risk with a pair of jacks and that risk was exasperated by the fact Hulme held pocket kings. No miracle knave on the board and it was time for the bubble as only the top four places were paid out.

Unfortunately it was one of our boys who burst the bubble, John Eames. He first got his money in with {A-Clubs}{J-Clubs} against the lowly pocket deuces of fellow Brit Max Silver only to completely brick the board then a couple of hands later got the rest of his stack I with queens against Silver's king-eight. As is usually the case with Silver he ran like Usain Bolt and had made an unlikley nine-high straight by the river to send Eames back to the UK as the bubble boy.

Eames' exit meant everyone else was guaranteed €4,755 for their efforts and this amount was picked up by Hulme just five minutes after Eames hit the rail. He ran ace-jack into the ace-queen of Farrelly, the latter hit a queen and the rest as they say is history.

Silver's stack started to dwindle and he finally decided to commit his stack with king-deuce but found himself up against the pocket tens of Tompkins. The first card out was a ten, gifting Tompkins a set and when the board, surprisingly, didn't go runner-runner to help Silver he was sent to the rail in third place, a finish worth €7,350.

Heads-up was a short battle that took less than ten minutes. Tompkins was all in with another pair of tens against the ace-eight of Farrelly. The board ran out {6-}{Q-}{3-}{2-}{4-} and that as they saw was that. Farrelly was eliminated and Tompkins because the High Roller champion.

European Deepstacks High Roller Final Table Results

1Jason Tompkins€19,450
2Tim Farrelly€11,670
3Max Silver€7,350
4Andrew Hulme€4,755
5John Eames€0
6Tony Rodrigues€0
7Dan Carter€0
8Marc McDonnell0

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