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Brammer And Stain Through To Last 24 of EPT Deauville

Chris Brammer

The European Poker Tour Deauville Main Event is down to the final 24 players and we are delighted to report that we still have two British players in the field, Chris Brammer and Rob Stain.

There would have been three but Martins Adeniya busted out at the start of Level 22, ironically mainly due to Brammer. With blinds at 8,000/16,000/2,000a Adeniya raised to 204,000 from the cutoff leaving just 40,000 chips behind. Andre Andrade called all in from the small blind for less than 204,000 and Brammer called in the big blind and turned over {A-}{K-}. However, the number one ranked online player failed to see Adeniya still had chips behind so the floor was called and it was ruled the hand would play out as normal. The flop came down {A-Spades}{3-Spades}{2-Diamonds} and Adeniya folded to Brammer's bet. The turn and river were the {9-Diamonds} and {9-Hearts} respectively and Brammer stacked up the chips as Andrade turned over {A-}{Q-} before standing and leaving the tournament area.

Adeniya was all in almost immediately afterwards with {K-Spades}{7-Spades} but he ran into Heinz Kamutzki's {Q-Clubs}{Q-Spades}. The board ran out {8-Diamonds}{8-Hearts}{3-Hearts}{4-Diamonds}{A-Clubs} and Adeniya was sent to the rail in 43rd place, netting himself €15,000 in the process.

Of the two surviving Brits it is Brammer who has the most chips, his 1,262,000 chip stack is enough to put him in eighth place when play resumes at 1200CET. Brammer's fellow countryman, Stain, has a little more work to do but his 816,000 chips are anything but short.

By the time the curtain comes down on another day's play the tournament will have reached the final table of eight. Standing between our men and the final table are the likes of Kevin Vandersmissen, Marc Inizan, Ignat "0Human0" Liviu, Michael Graydon and the runaway chipleader Team PokerStars pro Luca Pagano.

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