Thirty-Seven Return For APT London Day 2

Overnight Chip leader Andy Kyprianou (Photo: Anne Laymond)

The Asian Poker Tour (APT) headed to the Fox Poker Club yesterday for the £500+£45 Main Event and saw a fantastic turnout of 125 players, creating a prize pool of £62,500. By the time the curtain came down on play for the day just 37 players had chips in front of them and they will return to their seats at 1400 this afternoon to play out for the £20,930 first place prize.

The chip leader going into Day 2 is Andy Kyprianou who managed to turn his 20,000 starting stack into an impressive 183,900, which is more than 90 big blinds as the blinds and antes when play resumes will be 1,000/2,000/100a. Hot on the heels of Kyprianou are Tolga Kuru (180,100), Kim Berg (174,800) and Daniel Laming (159,300).

Also still in field but with a little more work to do are the likes of Surinder Sunar (90,800), Priyan de Mel (75,600), Chuck Clark (57,600) and Jerome Bradpiece (55,900).

Of the 27 player who return to the Fox Poker Club today only 12 will walk away having made it to the money place. A min-cash is worth £940 with a final table appearance netting the lucky player £1,250 and the winner walking away with a cool £20,930.

Anyone who is planning on visiting the Fox Poker Club today to rail, play the £150+£10 Super Sunday or indeed play Day 2 of the APT Main Event are advised to set off with plenty of time to spare as there are Chinese New Year celebrations taking place on Shaftsbury Avenue at 1500 which will no doubt slow down travel in the area.

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