Colburn Tomlin Wins DTD Monte Carlo

Colburn Tomlin (Photo: BlondePoker)

The famous Monte Carlo Main Event took place at the Dusk Till Dawn poker club over the weekend attracting a bumper crowd of 288 runners, creating a prizepool of £288,000 and smashing the £250,000 guarantee. At the end of three long days of poker it was Colburn Tomlin who walked away with the lion's share of the spoils, a cheque for £89,213.

Tomlin, affectionately known as Rastafish, is a regular at the Dusk Till Dawn club in Nottingham and has had plenty of success there. In August he finished second in the £300 DTD Monthly Deepstack for a then career best score of £18,231 and more recently he came second in the £150 buy-in Monthly Deepstack for £3,182. At the start of the £1,090 DTD Monte Carlo Tomlin had cashes totalling $45,734 but has now more than doubled that thanks to this massive win.

BlondePoker reported that 288 players entered across two Day 1s and of those 104 made it through to Day 2. By the time Day 2 had come to a close only 16 players remained and the money bubble had burst, the unfortunate bubble boy being Anthony Nicholls, the 28th place finisher. Nicholls open-shoved with {A-Diamonds}{3-Clubs} and when he was called by Jake Cody's {A-Hearts}{K-Spades} it was always going to be all over. Five community cards later and it was over, the {5-Clubs}{2-Spades}{6-Clubs}{8-Clubs}{7-Spades} no help to Nicholls and he exited to a round of applause whilst everyone else locked up at least £1,500 in prize money.

The surviving 16 players retuned tot he Dusk Till Dawn poker club on Monday to play out for the title and the not so insignificant £89,213 on offer tot he eventual champion. One by one the players lost their chips and the massive first prize started to become more of a possibility for those with chips in front of them.

Mark Chantler exited in ninth place when his ace-ten was outdrawn by the king-queen of Cody (queen on the flop) and the eight-handed final table was set. With so much money and pride at stake it was no surprise the eliminations were miles apart, Jerome Bradpiece capping off a great year by coming eighth in this event for £9,608 but his exit was the only one for over three hours. Eventually the players started to fall, Terry Plummer, Chin Kai Koi and Will Dorey busting out to leave the final table four handed.

At this point all eyes were on Alex Goulder and Cody, mainly because Goulder was on course to defend the title he won a few months ago and Cody because he is just a sick human being. Goulder's title defence came to an abrupt end in fourth spot and Cody followed soon after. The PKR sponsored pro got it all in with {A-}{Q-} against {Q-}{Q-} three-handed for a 4,500,000 chip pot and lost, leaving himself with just three big blinds. They went in the very next hand with {10-}{9-} and Paul Skipper called with {Q-}{9-} and spiked a queen on the flop and it was GG Mr Cody.

Going into heads up Skipper held a 5,100,000 to 3,100,000 chip lead over Tomlin but the latter fought back and eventually took the lead. The final hand, which took place in the very early hours of Tuesday morning, saw Tomlin initially limp with {9-Diamonds}{8-Diamonds} and then call Skipper's all in bet that he made with {K-Clubs}{J-Clubs}. The flop came down {4-}{5-}{8-} gifting Tomlin the lead but the {K-} turn flipped the hand in its head. But the drama was not over yet because the river was a {9-} and Tomlin's two pair was enough to win the hand and therefore the entire tournament.

Congratulations to Colburn Tomlin, DTD Monte Carlo Champion.

DTD Monte Carlo Final Table Results

1stColburn Tomlin£89,213
2ndPaul Skipper£52,155
3rdJake Cody£31,293
4thAlex Goulder£21,960
5thWill Dorey£16,470
6thChin Kai Koi£12,353
7thTerry Plummer£9,608
8thJerome Bradpiece£6,862

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