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Sandiep Khosa Last Brit Standing

Sandiep Khosa

Yesterday 215 poker players returned to the Seven Casino for Day 2 of the WPT Amneville Main Event each with a common goal, to make it through to the third day of play when the bubble is sure to burst. Amongst the crowd were four British players, Liv Boeree, Luke Fields, Mathew Frankland and Sandiep Khosa but by the time play came to an end, after five 90-minute levels, only 76 players had chips to bag up and only one Brit had made it through, Khosa.

Frankland was the first of the quartet to go with what we found out after the event was with {10-}{7-} versus {Q-}{7-Clubs} with the money going in on a {Q-}{10-}{7-} flop. Frankland was bitterly disappointed to bust out and he told us later that usually he is not too bothered about busting out but he felt that the field was so soft that he had done himself an injustice by not making it to the money places. Like a true grinder, Frankland left the tournament area and went to grind cash games online all afternoon and evening and is flying back to the UK today to play in some live games in London.

Miss Boeree had to endure a torrid time at the tables during Day 2 and it really came as no surprise when we discovered that she had busted out. Her stack continued to dwindle all day until she managed to get her money in with aces versus kings to put her on around 50,000 chips but then she went completely card dead for close to three hours. Boeree came to the media area to charge her phone up during one of the breaks and explained the best hand she had during the three hour stint was ace-eight. We do not know how she bust because she skulked off midway through the day.

Fields was extremely unlucky in the way he was eliminated, getting his money in as an 88% favourite against two players. Again, we did not see the hand unfold but according to Fields' Twitter account he got his money in with {2-}{2-} against {K-}{K-} and {9-}{7-} on a {9-}{4-}{2-} flop and a king landed on the turn. That pot would have been for 300,000 chips and would have seen him become the chip leader at that stage.

Khosa (pictured about thanks to the PartyPoker blog) finished the day with 76,700 chips after starting the day with over 100,000 but had a very tough table that included the former November Nine member Joseph Cheong. Khosa and Cheong clashed on numerous occasions and the PartyPoker video team caught up with both Khosa and Cheong at one of the breaks to ask them about a couple of big hands that went down between them.

Khosa's stack is about half that of the average in play but he just needs one double up and he will certainly be back in contention and doubling up is a very real possibility in this tournament where the play is extremely loose and very unpredictable to say the least.

Play resumes at 1200CET and the plan is to play down to 18 players or another five 90-minute levels, whichever comes first. Can Khosa survive past the money bubble and even beyond? Tune in tomorrow to find out!

Top Ten Chip Counts

 1Urs Kohler498,000
 2Scott Baumstein481,300
 3Marvin Rettenmaier454,800
 4Simon Vitali433,100
 5Nesrine Kourdourli431,500
 6Joseph Cheong380,100
 7Marc Inizan361,100
 8Riad Mounir349,700
 9Mickael Telker337,200
 10Adrien Allain335,100

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