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Roy Hills Leads ANZPT Darwin

Roy Hills Leads ANZPT Darwin 0001

The Australia and New Zealand Poker Tour has stopped off in Darwin for the AUD$2,200 Main Event, and at the end of Day 1a it is Roy Hills who has emerged as the chip leader, more than trebling his 20,000 starting to a tournament leading 61,850 chips.

The ANZPT Darwin Main Event kicked off at 12:30 when Tournament Director for the SKYCITY Darwin Poker Zone, Tony Jackson muttered those immortal words, “Shuffle up and deal!” Despite the small field of 36 runners the action was fast and intense, which resulted in a few early casualties.

One such elimination saw Jackie Glazier heading for the rail after around two hours of play. She had already lost a large percentage of her stack but had a chance to treble up when she found herself all in with pocket jacks on a {6s2h6c} flop against two opponents. Unfortunately for Glazier, both had flopped trips, although the aforementioned Hills was in front with his {ah6h}. The {10-Hearts} and {4-Spades} on the turn and river completed the hand, busted Glazier and propelled Hills into the lead, a lead he kept right up until the day' came to an end after five levels of play.

Hot on the heels of Hills in terms of chip counts are Tony Kanochkin (56,650), Brendon Rubic (51,175), Jeffrey Cawthorne (41,325) and Tim Wade-Mcdonald (38,700).

There were a couple of former ANZPT Champions in the field but both had days they would rather forget. Reigning ANZPT Adelaide winner, Octavian Voegele started well but ran terribly in key situations and he failed to make it through to Day 2. The 2009 ANZPT Queenstown champion, Danny Chevalier did make it through to the second day of play but he did so with only 7,500 chips in his stack and if anyone can turn matters around and is well versed in short-stacked poker strategy it is the man who is currently in second place in the ANZPT Player of the Year standings.

Day 1b gets underway at 12:30 local time (09:30 GMT) and is set to include the likes of Jess McKenzie, APPT Queenstown champion Marcel Schreiner and the current ANZ Player of the Year leader Leo Boxell.

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