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$9,000 PokerNews PokerStars Western European League

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$9,000 PokerNews PokerStars Western European League 0001

Download PokerStars to play in the exclusive $9,000 PokerNews Western European League with weekly added prize pools and a league point leader board playing towards a $9,000 free added final!

PokerStars and PokerNews have come together to offer you an exclusive poker league which will see PokerNews players fighting it out for cash prizes, league points and those all-important bragging rights.

The PokerStars PokerNews League

Catering to PokerNews players, the PokerStars league features a plethora of added value to go along with the engaging format. The series begins with ten weekly league events, taking place every Wednesday at 20:00 WET and will satisfy fans of various poker formats.

Not only will the winners of each league event take home cash prizes, but they will also accumulate league points which will go towards making their way to the PokerNews League Final on December 21st.

Weekly $10,000 PokerNews League Tournaments

1. Oct 12. 20:00 UK time – $3+$0.3 NL Full Ring ($100 added)
2. Oct 19. 20:00 UK time – $2+$0.2 NL Turbo ($100 added)
3. Oct 26. 20:00 UK time – $4+$0.4 PL 6-max ($100 added)
4. Nov 2. 20:00 UK time – $5+$0.5 NL Deep Stack Full Ring ($150 added)
5. Nov 9. 20:00 UK time – $3+$0.3 NL Heads-up ($100 added)
6. Nov 16. 20:00 UK time – $3+$0.3 NL Full Ring ($100 added)
7. Nov 23. 20:00 UK time – $3+$0.3 NL Turbo ($100 added)
8. Nov 30. 20:00 UK time – $3+$0.3 PL 6-max ($100 added)
9. Dec 7. 20:00 UK time – $3+$0.3 NL Deep Stack Full Ring ($100 added)
10. Dec 14. 20:00 UK time – $3+$0.3 NL Heads-Up ($100 added)

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While the added cash prize pool will entice players to load up PokerStars each week, it is the league points that every player will be gunning for.
Not only will the weekly tournaments award league points according to where players finish but one bonus point will be given out for just participating in each tournament. That means players can accumulate 10 points, just for playing every week.

PlaceLeague Points

The events in the $9,000 PokerNews League are open to everyone, but are password protected. The password is released on PokerNews 24 hours before the commencement of each event.

To up the excitement, players also have the ability to choose one event where they can earn double the amount of league points. This wild card tournament needs to simply be announced on the dedicated forum thread prior to the start of the chosen event. Choose carefully, as you only get one chance at double points!

After the ten weekly tournaments are all over, it will be the top 27 players on the league leader board who will advance to the PokerStars PokerNews League Final on December 21 at 20:00 WET. The final will see $9,000 up for grabs, with the top 18 places going home with a cash prize for their time.


If you don’t already have an account, make sure you download PokerStars now and don’t forget our 100% up to $600 first deposit bonus when using the marketing code UKPOKERNEWS. Now you have a PokerStars account, start accumulating those points and become the PokerStars PokerNews League Champion!

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