Lee "Final Table" Nelson Wins 2011 PokerStars.net ANZPT Melbourne

Lee "Final Table" Nelson Wins 2011 PokerStars.net ANZPT Melbourne 0001

The 2011 PokerStars.net Australia New Zealand Poker Tour made its way to Melbourne over the weekend and after three grueling days it was Lee Nelson who would come out victorious. Nelson is known by the nickname “Final Table” and this win in the ANZPT reiterates just how he got that name, while also solidifying Nelson as one of the most successful Australasian players of all time.

A tough field of some the regions finest players along with a small contingent of recognizable international names ponied up the $2,200 entry fee to make for a solid 310 player field. Some of the players that took to the felt but made their way to the rail over the weekend included David Steicke, Celina Lin, Jackie Glazier, Jeese McKenzie, Brendon Rubie, Ben Delany, Harry Demetriou, Billy Jordanou and Leo Boxell. The days were demandingly long but eventually the final table would be reached and one of the 9 remaining players was on their way to being crowned an ANZPT champion.

It wasn’t an easy ride to the final table for Nelson who enjoyed a rollercoaster few days which included receiving an irritating two-orbit penalty on Day 2 when he acted out of turn. After 2 long days was whittled down to a final table and Nelson was looking good to pick up a title, coming into the final day third in chips and more having experience than any player at the table.

Final Table Lineup

 1Karan Punjabi 
 2Phillip Wilcocks 
 3Danny Chevalier 
 4Tom Wing 
 5Lee Nelson 
 6Brett Chalhoub 
 7Nick Georgoulas 
 8Stephen Eliesen 
 9Justin Sanchez 

While it was a table full of accomplished players from around the region, Nelson’s biggest threat would be the accomplished young online players in Tom Wing and Brett Chalhoub, while fellow New Zealander Phillip Willcocks was again under the final table lights in Melbourne after finishing in an impressive 2nd place at the 2011 APPT Melbourne event just a few months ago.

The table was quick to lose Justin Sanchez in 9th place but it would then take over two hours before the young Chalhoub was sent to the rail in 8th place. Willcocks then dealt the fatal blow to Stephen Eliesen in 7th place before leaving Wing crippled just a few hands later when Willcocks moved all-in from the button holding {a-Hearts}{j-Hearts} and received a call from Wing who held a dominated {a-Clubs}{7-Clubs}. Wing couldn’t recover and would be sent home in 6th place shortly after his battle with Willcocks.

Nelson then turned the executioner duties around on Willcocks, sending his fellow countrymen in home 5th place as a quick succession of eliminations occurred to see Nelson and local player Nick Georgoulas start the heads-up battle.

Georgolas managed to hold his own against the experience of Nelson but the inevitable final hand of the night would see Georgolas open the button with a raise before Nelson shipped his stack in from the big blind. Georgolas held {4-Hearts}{4-Clubs} and made the call to come up against the {j-Hearts}{10-Hearts} of Nelson. The {8-Hearts}{a-Hearts}{k-Hearts} flop gave Nelson a dominating flush and by the time the {9-Hearts} hit the turn it was all over for Georgalas as he was sent home in 2nd place

Final Table Results

 PositionNamePrize (AUD)
 1Lee Nelson$156,550
 2Nick Georgoulas$99,200
 3Danny Chevalier$55,180
 4Karan Punjabi$43,090
 5Phillip Wilcocks$34,100
 6Tom Wing$27,900
 7Stephen Eliesen$22,320
 8Brett Chalhoub$17,670
 9Justin Sanchez$13,020

Nelson can now add $156,550 and an ANZPT title to his established career which includes over $2.2 million in lifetime earnings.

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