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Jehan Zaib Wins English Deepstack Poker Championship

Jehan Zaib Wins English Deepstack Poker Championship 0001

A total of 225 poker players descended on the Broadway Casino in Birmingham over the weekend for the English Deepstack Poker Championship Main Event. For their £550 buy-in the each received 50,000 chips, an hour long clock and the chance to win £27,850. When the dust finally settled it was Jehan “Johnny” Zaib who had won each and every one of the 11,250,000 chips in play.

Day 3 saw 12 players return to their seats each sharing the common goal to first reach the nine-handed final table and then go on to follow in Amy Trodd's footsteps and be crowned an English Deepstack Poker Champion champion. The final table was reached within the first hour of play after Vance Martin (12th), Raj Khanna (11th) and Alex Mah (10th) were sent to the rail.

Zaib strated the final table as the short-stack, his 325,000 chips being less than 11 big blinds, but he played patiently, picked his spots well and managed to keep ahead of the rising blinds. James Shaw was the first casualty from the final table and he was shortly followed by Jim Tierney. It took more than 90 minutes for the seven players to become six and it was James Power who became the seventh place finisher at the hands of Aamir Masood.

Masood was then responsible for dispatching Ron Mathiessen and Andy King before Ash Ahmed busted Steven Ball in fourth place. Masood was back up to his old tricks as he eliminated Ahmed in third place, meaning he went into the heads up with a massive eight million to three million chip advantage over Zaib.

From the off Masood battered Zaib with relentless aggression but Zaib was picking up good cards and making hands for fun and managed to claw his way back into contention. Then, after almost three and a half of one-on-one play the final hand took place. According to the live updates from Blonde Poker, on a {K-Diamonds}{7-}{5-}{4-Diamonds} board and with 1,600,000 chips already in the middle, Masood bet 1,000,000 and then quickly called when Zaib moved all in. Masood held {J-Diamonds}{7-Diamonds} and was up against the {K-}{Q-} of Zaib. The dealer burned a card and put a black ten out on the river, sending the monster pot to Zaib and awarding him the victory!

The next Deepstack Poker Championship, brought to you by d4 events, takes place in Dublin between February 7-12 in 2012.

Final table payouts

 1stJehan "Johnny" Zaib£27,850
 2ndAamir "muckthenuts" Masood£17,650
 3rdAsh Ahmed£13,000
 4thSteve Ball£10,000
 5thAndy King£7,500
 6thRon Mathiessen£5,200
 7thJames Power£4,000
 8thJim Tierney£3,000
 9thJames Shaw£2,400

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