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International Federation of Poker Launches Two Unique Tournaments

International Federation of Poker Launches Two Unique Tournaments 0001

At a press conference on Wednesday, in the heart of London, the International Federation of Poker (IFP) released details of two new tournaments that will take place between November 17-20 that should capture the imagination of the poker playing public.

November 17 will see the inaugural Duplicate Poker Nations Cup take place in the unique setting of the iconic EDF Energy London Eye. Players representing 12 different countries, including the USA, UK, German, Spain and France will play for the Championship Trophy, medals and national pride all inside individual pods of the world famous landmark before laying out the final stages in County Hall on November 18.

It is not only the amazing setting that makes this tournament unique but also the poker variant, Duplicate Poker. The IPF state that Duplicate Poker is “the pure mind-sport version of poker, a sport played by millions around the world.” What makes Duplicate Poker stand out from the crow is the fact each table is dealt an identically shuffled pack of cards, which means that each player holds the same hand as those in the equivalent seat on other tables. This leads to a contest not just between players on the same table but also against those in the same number seat on every other table in play!

The IFP President Anthony Holden, author of Big Deal: A Tear as a Professional Poker Player and Bigger Deal: A Year Inside the Poker Boom amongst other best-selling titles, said, “ The Nations Cup will be a genuine celebration of all that is best in intellectual sports. Some of the world’s best players playing for pride and the honour of representing their countries in an intense competition with the added spice of international rivalry. Poker is played by millions around the world and Duplicate Poker is the game in its purest form. Players compete against each other based on skill, without any fluctuation in chance. I believe that it’s the best way to highlight poker as a game of strategic skill and as a Mind Sport. The Nations Cup will be a genuine celebration of all that is best in intellectual sports with the added spice of international rivalry”

James McManus, author of the fantastic Positively Fifth Street, is the IFP's ambassador for Duplicate Poker and he shared Holden's views, stating, “ By draining as much luck from the game as possible, duplicate poker comes close to guaranteeing that the best players will win in the short run as well as the long run. Like its fellow mind sports chess, Go, and duplicate bridge it's a game of pure skill.”

The IFP also announced the launch of a tournament called “The Table,” which will pit 130 of the world's best players together in a freeroll tournament boasting a $500,000 prizepool, of which $250,000 will be awarded to the eventual winner.

The Table is a deep-stacked Texas Hold'em tournament designed to accentuate the skill of the players involved. The inaugural event will be invite-only but subsequent editions will be completely open to everyone with various rounds leading up to the final being played by registered players who have qualified online. The Table will take place in County Hall between November 19-20.

The International Federation of Poker were founded in April 2009 and are a non-profit federation based on the same legal criteria and principles of those of other mainstream sports. One of their main goals is the promotion of poker as a Mind Sport, played without any discrimination as to race, sex or creed. For more information contact the IFP via their website.

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