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Paul Mallett Wins DTD Deepstack, Grand Prix Starts Today

Paul Mallett

Despite main events taking place at the Fox Poker Club and the GSOP in Manchester, Dusk Till Dawn once again played host to a packed Monthly Deepstack. However, 306 players did not stop it from missing the guarantee of £100,000, resulting in an £8,200 overlay.

Once again a deal was the order of the day, with Paul Mallett of Newcastle taking the biggest part of a three way chop:

1Paul Mallett£23,000
2Colburn Tomlin£21,000
3Duncan Mclellan£16,000
4Alan Armitage£7676.00
5Paul Ho£5757.00
6Francis Jones£4317.75
7Hayder Wahab£3358.25
8Ema Strutt£2398.75
9Paul Pitchford£1919.00

Image courtesy of Blondepoker, who provided live updates from the event.

All eyes are now on the revolutionary Grand Priv IV, which starts today. This is a first of its kind, as it is a €60 event, with a €250,000 guarantee. The way it intends to meet that guarantee is by having 20 day ones, 10 of which are online, and 10 at the club. Anyone who makes it into the top 10% of a day one will automatically make the money and day two, to be held at the club on August 20.

The online portion of which begins tonight at the online version of Dusk Till Dawn.

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