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Catman's Column - Paul Zimbler and the Big Bluff Club


For those of us locked in the poxy British Summer, dreaming of routes to the WSOP in steamy Vegas, there are some hidden avenues to fame and fortune tucked away in leafy North London.

The commercial side of Poker is not always bed of roses, I believe the large Essex Venue known as the Debden club has now closed its doors for business, and many other venues are being hit by the lack of low level cash players. In fact you would need balls of pure titanium and some serious dosh to invest in any form of gambling establishment. Business is just like poker, call, raise or fold, decisions that are affected by a multitude of variables, of course understanding what makes a winner helps. In any retail/leisure style biz the key to a winning hand is location, location and location.

Live and online poker worldwide has suffered to some degree or another by chronic recession or lack of trust in the institutions around them. Money in the UK is now presently being amassed by those who have already created there own fortune, property prices in the million plus market are booming, thanks to the wealthy not wishing to trust their funds to banks. The location of Big Bluff Private Members Club is situated in Palmers Green, North London an area where gambling is in the blood and has always been a way of life, an area where there will never be a shortage of wealthy gamblers. Look at Poker as a food chain, money will always attract more money.

Palmers Green and the surrounding areas is the home to a massive community of Greeks, Turks and Cypriots. One of my best mates is in fact 'Jimmy the Turk’ and I also studied for my degree in Physiotherapy in Tottenham, so I do have a little inside knowledge. North London is the home of the Spieller, for each and every day of the week; houses are won and lost in the card games held in a multitude of restaurants and social clubs. The Greeks and Turks especially along with affluent Norff Londoners of any ethnic origin, love the good things in life, style and gambling are top of the tree. It is a community where things are done in the right way, as a matter of tradition, and Ahmet the big bluff Boss has followed this route. Ahmet has treated the Big bluff to a no expenses spared fit out and I believe his gamble will pay off.

For the inside view of Big Bluff please take a look at my latest porn star video interview with Cash King, Paul 'Marbella Kid' Zimbler.

I first heard of ‘Big Bluff,' thro the exceptionally sexy Amanda Williams on Facebook, along with Babe of Babes 'Mel Loftohuse. “Catman are you going to the opening of Big Bluff?" the invites kept coming, was I feck. I am spunking off 3 grand next week to play satellites in Ostend for the Partouche Poker tour, why would I want to spunk anymore at yet another new club.

One week later I got an invite from Paul Zimbler to pop down for a drink, so the Catgirl and I attended a Sunday Deepstack £40 squidder with a ‘Bag’ added (of Sand =Grand), and around 118 runners. There is one mother fecking difference going to a club in north London, not seen elsewhere, yeah there is plenty of street boyz, but Bro, North Londoners provide one friendly and sociable atmosphere.

The Big Bluff is an independent private members club and club boss Ahmet is a 100% diamond geezer, he is also a player and hands on host. Cash Pro Paul Zimbler has been recruited by Ahmet to get it right and handle the poker pr and formats. The Venue is on the ground floor, newly decorated and divided into a yellow cash sector, a red tournament area and the traditional private big game room. I counted around 10 big screen plasmas supported by a powerful air conditioning system to keep them cool. Did I forget to tell you about the slate and marble Ahmet put on the bar, so it looked just right in case his uncle attended. The team running the venue are all poker players, Ahmet, Andy, Paul, Mario, George if there is one, propped up by fecknose how many uniformed waitress, masseurs, etc etc,

It's always about cash games, trust me cash is where it is at. The night before I arrived there was a 24 hours £5-£5 game in the VIP room, big enough for most, and this will probably be on every night.
On the night I attended there were 5 cash games running, which is pretty fair for early days.

Big Bluff serves up a flaming hot cup of tea and will be offering plenty of low stakes action, along of course with as big a big game you might desire. I sincerely believe this is one venue which will actually maintain very high standards of customer service and treat the customer as King, which is generally unheard of. Along with that Catgirl totally loved the Gaff and commented: “They are not ugly people like most clubs, they are pretty and very nice people.” That is a little like getting a Michelin Star.

This week I shall wander of to Ostend to play Sats for Partouche Poker Tour, and I hope in the next couple of weeks to bring you all the action from the super sexy Playboy club.

Godless all the European players trashing our Yank Bro at WSOP, well sort off trashing em

Create your own success; it is all about creating not waiting, Believe and it will happen.
Peace, Love and Happiness
Catman Poker Pimpet.

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