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Alex Goulder Wins Dusk Till Dawn Monte Carlo

Alex Goulding

The first major UK tournament to take place after the World Series of Poker concluded last night at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham. The £250,000 Guaranteed Monte Carlo was the first outing as a re-entry event, the net result of which was 252 entries in total, and a guarantee narrowly met. It was also the first time the event was trialled with a live stream throughout.

As always the case this event brought out the cream of UK talent, and the final table was proof of that. Stuart Fox and recent bracelet winner Matt Perrins came 3rd and 2nd respectively, but they would have to concede victory to Alex Goulder. Known as CambridgeAlex on the Blondepoker forum, Goulder is a full time poker player who was once actually a dealer at Dusk Till Dawn. It is doubtful he will go back to dealing any time soon, as he collected £77,512.50 for his victory.

1Alex Goulder£77512.50
2Matt Perrins£45315.00
3Stuart Fox£27189.00
4Daniel Laming£19080.00
5James Clarke£14310.00
6Lee Cockroft£10732.50
7Mitchell Johnson£8347.50
8Kevin Brown£5962.50
9Peter Evans£4770.00

Image courtesy of Blondepoker, who provided live updates from the event.

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