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Why PokerNews Has the Best Bonus in Online Poker at PartyPoker - Exclusive to PokerNews


Sign Up to PartyPoker via PokerNews and not only will you get a free $50 bankroll, you can deposit $50 to get a combined bonus of $100 which clears twice as fast as any other PartyPoker bonus on the internet.

If you have been following PokerNews for a while, you will know that we have been championing the best sign up bonus in poker. Our Free $50 No Deposit Bonus has already been snapped up by thousands upon thousands of Club PokerNews members and don’t worry – it’s not going anywhere.

The Best Bonus in Online Poker

Just to remind you, you can get $50 for free when you sign up to PartyPoker via PokerNews, follow our walkthrough guide and use bonus code UK50Free. You don’t need to deposit a single cent or give any of your bank details. This bonus is exclusive to PokerNews, you cannot find it anywhere else.

It really is a free poker starting bankroll, no strings attached.

But if you want to get an even bigger bonus, you can use our Party Free $50 bonus alongside our exclusive reload bonus, to get $100 for just a deposit of $50. Not only this, but the redemption requirements are much easier via PokerNews than anywhere else.

Want to Deposit? Our Deposit Bonus is Better Too

Let’s show you what we mean. If you signed up to PartyPoker anywhere else, you would have to deposit $100 to get a $100 bonus. Then to release that bonus you would need to earn 600 PartyPoints.

However, with PokerNews, you can get the same bonus for half the deposit and nearly half of the point’s target. Just follow our step by step guide.

All of which gets you $100 for a $50 deposit and 350 Party Points, rather than a $100 deposit and 600 Party Points.

This essentially means that the PokerNews bonus has a 2x points clearance, while our nearest competitor has an 8x points clearance. This is undeniable proof that PokerNews have by far the best PartyPoker Bonus on the internet.

Just remember - DO NOT DEPOSIT until you have received your initial free $25, otherwise you won't be able to get both exclusive bonuses.

In short, it pays dividends to sign up to PartyPoker via PokerNews.

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