Peter Wigglesworth Wins Black Belt Poker Live II

Peter Wigglesworth

Peter Wigglesworth of Reading has become the Black Belt London Live II Champion after beating Michael Yiannikkou heads-up.

After a brief battle, the two remaining players decided to split the prize pool down the middle, meaning both left with $16,000 in their back pocket. However, with the silverware still on the line, it was Wigglesworth who ultimately triumphed, his Kc-Qh holding firm against Yiannikkou's Qs-8s all in on the flop of an Ks-4h-8h-7s-Jc board.

Wigglesworth, a 46-year old semi-pro currently residing in Ascot, was quick to praise his heads-up opponent, commenting, "He did all the work for me. I just had a good run of cards near the end," before adding, "My first live result was actually in last year's event. I finished 15th but felt I should have made the final table, so was determined to do better this time around."

After selling out just under a week prior to kick-off, Black Belt Poker extended the field to enable 414 poker fanatics to embark on the Grosvenor Victoria Casino on Edgware Road. Both pros and amateurs alike stumped up the $250+25 buy-in fee, meaning that recreational players were given the opportunity to face the likes of Ross Boatman, Luke Schwartz and EPT/WPT winner Jake Cody.

"It was a really long day and I do find it quite tiring," concluded Wigglesworth. "It's definitely become a young player's game, but I have a strategy and it seems to be working. I love these tournaments; the structure's great. If Black Belt Poker had more, I'd play every one."

1st Peter Wigglesworth — $16,020 ($16,000)
2nd Michael Yiannikkou — $16,020 ($16,000)
3rd Gareth Alder — $9,600 ($8,000)
4th Gavin Hall — $7,450 ($6,000)
5th Andy Nguyen — $4,500 ($4,500)
6th Raj Rughwani — $3,520 ($3,500)
7th Louis Manson — $2,850 ($2,750)
8th Stephen Power — $2,250 ($2,250)
9th Seth Webber — $2,000 ($2,000)

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