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Catman's Column - Poker on TV, the Fox Club Opens, and More


The Cat's back in town, hoping to bring you more fun, from my obscure eclectic views on the world of poker. Being London based has the advantage of never needing to travel more than 45 minutes to find value. A while back we were hit by the tidal wave of World Poker Tour, World Series of Poker Europe, European Poker Tour, English Poker Open event, and more. It only cost me three grand or so in sats, which was a fairly valueless exercise. The Palm Beach offered some very funky six-table six seater shootouts, leading to a final with five prizes and one major event seat. For a £200-£300 buy in, all you need to do is win your first table and the rest is a breeze to a £5k seat. But in terms of value, nothing has ever come close to Pokerstar's £100 +£10+£10 for charity event at the EPT London, I feck you not, £100,000 guaranteed events carrying £40,000 odd overlay. God bless Pokerstars. The tight fisted poker community had the opportunity to give a tenner to charity, and above all take part in the biggest live overlay in history.

TV poker, is rarely fun to watch, unless of course it is you playing, but the final of the Partypoker WPT High Roller was recently aired on Channel 5, and is worth it's weight in gold. Firstly a lady by the name of Emeline Boich passed queens twice, and although short stacked, she somehow managed to pass both pairs, to aces. In normal circumstances this woman would be faced with major criticism, but in fact posses something very special, "intuition." The show was sexed up with the reemergence of the great Tony G's alter ego. Watch his all in to a reraise with six-deuce, class! Tony G can afford to showboat, but no one, not even my mate Luke "FullFlush" Schwartz, would find Tony G an easy match (verbally or bottles-balls-skill wise).

Last month London saw the opening of The Fox Club, five years in the coming, and Chris North, the ex rugby-playing hunk has now delivered the goods.

The Fox Club is located on Shaftesbury Avenue W1, minutes form The Empire and directly looking over Chinatown. The neon of the Chinese restaurants will not tempt you, for The Fox offers great Asian style cuisine. Will the customer be treated as king, I asked Chris North, or will the poker player face the normal morose and almost unwelcome greetings, we often face in poker rooms. Question answered, the Club has offered free booze for the last month point one, and a boss who really does like to give the customer what they want. Along with Phil Gregg who runs the Kensington Close Hotel, London Poker circuit, we have two men, who really do know about customer service. The Fox, is backed by PKR, with it's own buzzing clique of players, who mass to live poker events as animated as their 3D avatars. The Fox is juicing out, every type of poker game. Thursday 4th November sees their £300 Main Event, which I am delighted to say, I will miss it. While you are freezing, I will be in Cannes to commentate on the £5 million Euro final of The Partouche Poker tour, with the great James Browning. If you did not catch my last moderately crap interview a few weeks back, you can see the video featuring the nicest pro Mr. Phil Laak.

The Fox cost just under a mill and like the celebrated Rob Young and Dusk Till Dawn, it owns a now impossible to gain casino license, unless you were to buy an existing license for £2 million upwards. The word at the Fox Club, was a continual, "this is the new Gutshot," which is as good a vibe, as Mr. North could ever wish for.

Around the corner in Leicester Square, we will wait with baited breath for the opening of the massive expanse that was the great "Hippodrome night-club." But here comes the really great news, London Clubs International, will be opening a London Playboy Club. Not being one to brag, but I have spent some starstruck time with Victor Lownes, ex highest paid CEO of the original London Playboy Club in Park Lane, and the great Mr. Hugh Hefner. I will hope and pray that LCI goes to town and brings us, what will be Europe's sexiest casino, and never forget, "sex sells."

Poker Learning - Still!

Played the LPC Superstack on the weekend, down to 29 players, out of 154 who brought £22,000 to the table in this £165 buy in event. It was poker director Phil Greggs first Kensington Close Hotel Game, in association with and was assisted by a sensational online qualifying route, that I really don't want to tell you about (It cost us $10 for two to qualify lol). Forget my damn crap play, it is what I learned that counts. On my left, Hendon Mob-ster/mentor Jamie Worldwide (hope nick is correct), "Catman, I would have pushed if that was me," Jamie politely exclaimed. Catman growls back, "That's how you play." For fecks sake, Jamie was a 100% correct, I played like a totally p***y, way above donk. Thank you Jamie, simple and never to be forgotten, two choices, "Pass or Push," at huge blind levels with bad 'N' never flaming call, hmmm.

Parting word, to "KRIMINAL," a 2+2 fan, who called me "fugly" which is harsh but a very fair view, the personal stuff he continued with, could mean he gets his scrawny ass bitten, when the Cat next gets the pleasure of his company. Great myspace page too.

Next week I will be coming to you from Cannes in the South of France, with the final of Partouche Poker tour, and hopefully a moderately crap video interview, with the great PokerStars Pro, Vanessa Selbst.

Love, Peace, and Lots of Luck
Catman - Recreational Poker Pro and Donk

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