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Kara Scott - Interview with Team PartyPoker Pro Kara Scott

Kara Scott

Last week PartyPoker announced a massive coup when they revealed they had snapped up Kara Scott as the latest member of Team PartyPoker. She will be representing them as a player, presenter and ambassador for Canadian poker players – but we all still consider her very much a Brit so we wanted to grab a word with her about her new role:

Pokernews:Congratulations on your new role Kara, it seems like a great time to be part of PartyPoker?

Kara Scott:Yeah it’s a big deal for me. PartyPoker was one of the first places I played online myself to be part of it when it is going through such a massive revamp is amazing, especially now there is such a big focus on Canada, which I will be representing.

PN:You are a representing Canada, but we consider you a Brit and even your Hendon Mob database has you as being English, so do you also think of yourself as representing the UK?

KS:It’s weird for me, England was where I discovered poker, its where I learnt poker, met all the players and found my feet – I am also actually a UK citizen. I have never played poker in Canada, I have no idea what a Canadian poker player is just yet but I cant wait to find out. The fact that I get to spend so much more time in my home country of Canada is part of what makes this such a great deal for me. I'm a proud Canadian and a proud UK citizen. I'm just a weird combination of UK/Canadian ex-pat, living in the USA.

PN:You have a dual role as a player and presenter, what will you be doing most of?

KS:I will be mainly hosting, that’s what I do, it’s my main job. I love playing poker any chance I get and its really great to be doing both. I know I will be playing some events like the WSOP, WPT and some European events representing Party. I also hope to be representing them online, but not quite as much as I am in the US quite a lot and we can’t currently play on PartyPoker there.

PN:You have just finished filming your first series of High Stakes Poker as a host, what was that like?

KS:High Stakes Poker was such a thrill, its the first poker show I personally used to watch and I have been a fan of Gabe Kaplan since I was kid, it was so much fun I was really sad on the last day when we had to finish. To see the top players in the world and share their thought processes was amazing, hopefully I have asked them what people want to know, which we will see on February 14th.

PN:It must have been a pretty intimidating experience too?

KS:It was hugely intimidating; I knew there would be a lot of focus on what I did as I was a new addition to the team. I had to keep things very poker serious, it was really scary interviewing players like Phil Ivey. I remember at one point asking him if he could have been more aggressive in a hand and I suddenly had this moment where I thought ‘Did I just do that? Why am I asking Phil Ivey this?’ The first day was so intimidating I actually felt physically ill I was so uncomfortable; thankfully we had some great producers in my ear helping me.

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