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Daily £2,000 UK Freerolls at Pokerstars

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From last Friday 22nd January PokerStars launched a new daily freeroll exclusively for UK and Ireland players. The announcement of this freeroll follows the launch of the new UK and Ireland Poker Tour that started in December 2009 and will be making its way over to Manchester on February 11th - 14th.

Emma Crowe, Regional Marketing Director for PokerStars comments: “The cold, dark nights of January and February are traditionally the most popular months of the year for online poker play. We feel that the new daily freeroll will appeal to a wide range of poker players. By adding £2,000 to the prize pool everyday for six weeks PokerStars are once again showing their commitment to rewarding players who use the world’s largest poker site.”

PokerStars will be adding $2000 to the new Freeroll prize pool each day. It will take place at 9:30 pm GMT everyday and will run for six weeks. Players can re-buy for 50c and if you miss the 9:30 tournament, don’t worry you can still enter the £250 freeroll at 10:30.

If you like Pokerstars Freerolls, we have a regular series of theme exclusive to UK Pokernews on top of these £2,000 freerolls. Check out our exclusive Pokerstars Freerolls section for more information.

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