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London's Calling: JP Kelly wins £1000 No Limit Bracelet at WSOPE

London's Calling: JP Kelly wins £1000 No Limit Bracelet at WSOPE 0001

What a year it is for the Brits and what a year it is for JP Kelly, who last night came from behind to capture his second bracelet of the year. Kelly, who won the $1500 Pot Limit Hold'em bracelet earlier this year defeated big chip leader Fabien Dunlop heads up to win his second bracelet and £136,803 in the £1000 No Limit event.

This tournament was one for the record books in many ways. It was the largest attended tournament ever held in London with 608 players. It was the first WSOPE bracelet won by a UK player on home soil, despite hosting this event for 3 years now. It makes JP the first UK player two boast more than one bracelet, the first UK player to win more than one bracelet in one year and also only the second player to win a WSOP and WSOPE bracelet in the same year. We are also pretty sure this must have been one of the fastest tournaments in the WSOP, with players busting out left, right and centre.

"Obviously, you are going to go out early a lot of times. When you start with 3,000 in chips, you have to play a bit tight in the beginning. And if you can double up and once the tournament starts going properly, then you can start playing poker. I really enjoyed it. Obviously, I had a really good Day One. And I ran pretty well during the whole tournament." Kelly commented.

Kelly was asked what victory meant the most this year: "I think the Las Vegas one, because that came first. But this one means a lot to take down one of these events. It's hard to compare them. They are quite different. This is better in some ways because there are a lot more of my friends around. So, I look forward to celebrating."

The future is bright for JP Kelly and UK poker in the WSOP, now boasting 4 bracelets, a triple crown winner (Roland De Wolfe) and a November Nine finalist already. No doubt we will see a sponsors logo on JP's shirt very soon and we are struggling to think of a less deserving player. Well done JP!

1st - John-Paul Kelly – £136,803
2nd - Fabien Dunlop - £84,512
3rd - Adnan "Eddy" Alshamah - £55,468
4th - Richard Allen - £38,499
5th - Anthony Roux - £28,181
6th - Neil Suarez - £21,700
7th - William Martin - £17,535
8th - Thor Drexel - £14,835
9th - James Tomlin - £13,115

Day 1 of the £2500 Pot Limit Omaha/Hold'em

The big names were out in force for the second event of the WSOPE, with yet another fast action event that looks like finishing ahead of time. 158 players were whittled down to 22 in record time and the prediction is that the tournament will end today rather than the scheduled time of tomorrow, as we only have three tables to get through and are four places off the money.

Plenty of big names left in the field from both the UK and worldwide. John Kabbaj, Ian Frazer, Robin Keston and Ricjard Gryko amongst the home contingent, while Men the Master, Hoyt Corkins, Howard Lederer and Dario Alioto making up some of the big international names.

£104,677 is the first prize they are fight for and we could have a bracelet winner tonight, stay tuned to our Live Updates today to find out who does it.

Top Ten Chip Counts
Cajelias, Erik 144,900
Clemencom, Tristan 118,400
Prescott, Allie 88,100
Corkins, Hoyt 80,600
Nguyen, Men "the Master" 75,800
Gavatin, Mats 66,900
Suni, Harri 66,500
Brivati, Dino 58,400
Johnson, Brian 58,400
Keston, Robin 57,000

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